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Meaning of Transfemme:

The word “Transfemme” is derived from a French word.

Transfemme® is a brand name for a dietary supplement and skin cream products such as male breast enlargement pills and male enlargement breast cream. The name Transfemme® is a registered trademark of Avalon Essentials, LLC  Transfemme products are manufactured in United States in an FDA proved lab under Good Manufacturing Practices and sold in more than 100 countries. Transfemme® brands include Transfemme® Breast Cream and Transfemme® Male to Female Breast Enlargement Pills.

Our History:

Transfemme® is the first Western breast enlargement pill introduced in 1996 and originally marketed for women under the name Wonder Breast. Our products are since revised and rebranded under two trade names, Transfemme® for male breast enlargement and Bountiful Breast® for women.

The word Transfemme® was coined by Dr. Robert Archer, ND, in 2002 for Avalon Essentials, LLC, in Incline Village, Nevada.

Technology Behind the Product:

Avalon Essentials is the pioneer in natural male breast enhancement, male to female breast enlargement and in feminization. We create revolutionary transgender women’s feminization technology with the introduction of our male breast enlargement pills in 1996. Our male breast enlargement pills create epigenetic changes.

Avalon Essentials has the world’s most effective male breast enlargement pills and creams.  Transfemme® is a revolutionary transgender womens hormone modulation and body modification system.

We empower men and transgender women with breakthrough products that deliver results.

Avalon Essentials’ Customer Success Team of Program Advisors are dedicated to helping males, male to female, and transgender women fulfill their goals of femininity, enjoying the delights of having soft, large, round breasts! 

Transfemme® Trademark:

The original Transfemme® trademark application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was filed in the class of dietary Supplements for Human Consumption, by Avalon Essentials, LLC  of Incline Village, Nevada, on Saturday,. May 5, 2010. 

The first use for the word mark was on November 12, 2002, and its first use in commerce on November 12, 2002. USPTO granted trademark registration on November 25, 2010, US Registration number 3893676. Avalon Essentials, LLC is the current registered owner of the Transfemme® trademark.[4]


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