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Male To Female Voice – How To Sound Like a Woman

Are You a TransGender? Here are tips of male to Female Voice Changing, voice surgery or treatment training A beautiful voice completes your journey from Male to Female. Male to Female Voice Phonoplasty is a procedure that changes the voice of a male into a female voice in order to help establish your sexual identity. […]

I am a M to F pre-op transsexual, how many Transfemme pills should I take

I am a M to F pre-op transsexual, How many Transfemme pills should I take? “Customer Reviews about Pre op Trans And Post of transsexual” “What I didn’t know from the beginning, is that I should have taken more than 2 caps every day to feminize my body. When I ordered the second time I […]

Balancing being on the journey and preexisting health problems

“Hello I am a 56 year old transgendered female stuck in a male body. I have been trying to deny my true self for too long. I recently was diagnosed with GID. They recommend I begin transition ASAP. I have many medical issues and the doctors worry about hormone treatment. I wonder if your program […]

Male Breast Enhancement is the new craze for Straight Men

a lot of people think men who want male breast enhancement must be gay, right? Wrong, it may shock you to know that most of the guys who want breast enlargement and want to be feminine are often married and straight. Furthermore, a lot of the men who are into male breast enhancement and feminization […]

Customer’s Transfemme Testimonial Male To Female Beginning Story

Male to Female Transformation Article From Real Customer – Submitted: June 6th, 2010 Yesterday was a bad day for me. As a T-girl who is just starting out, I am doing a lot of research online to help prepare me for the upcoming changes in my life. These changes have been long, long awaited! I […]

Male Breast Enlargement Pills Make You Feel Happier

Male Breast Enlargement Pills Make Transfemme Customers Feel Happier and More Emotional Real Male Breast Enlargement Pills Customer Feedback After more than two decades of feedback from our male breast enhancement customers we are sure you will experience many benefits from using our male breast pills. Hi Laurie, Thanks for replying to me so quickly. […]