Post-Op Sex Change Surgery using Transfemme

I’m a male to female transgender woman who has had sex reassignement surgery (sex-change) and I am on estrogen. I am not hapy wiht the results I have gotten after using estrogen for four years I am still very small and I am told this is quite common. I would lik to know if you think the Transfemme® Breast Enlargement Pills work for me? At what dose should I take?

It sounds to me like a cool product to help a MTF become even more female! How long and at what daily dose do you think I should be on? What quantity would be most economical for my situation? Is there a payment plan available if I need a high dose for an extended time? Are there any other products you recommend in addition to taking the pill? Thanks Rebecca

Dear Rebecca, The recommended daily dose for getting the maximum results is (8) eight capsules per day, we do not know the answer to your question because we have no studies and not many people report to us after a sex change. Most of our customers were moderate beginners in their sex change journey and come to us before they get surgery.

We can think of one person off the top of our head who had SRS and used our product and that was Billie Felice Staunton. Billie was a good friend who sadly has passed away several years ago. Billie used 8 pills per day, there may be more info on her old website in the way back machine Cheryl also had a sex change but she used our product before the surgery and ended up a DDD/E without hormones; she is probably our most amazing case yet. We have excellent results in men and MTF, pre and post-op SRS, who do and do not have testicles, sometimes outstanding results better than women. We know if we can get someone on Transfemme before SRS surgery we can get their body to aromatize their testosterone and turn it into estrogen. Yes, we can work out a payment plan. All you need to do is call us and someone in our Customer Success Team will be happy to help you. Call 877-552-3033 or use the WhatsApp link on the bottom right corner of your screen. Check: https://transfemme.comfaqs/forced-feminization-stories