Male Breast Enlargement Aromatization


Male Breast Enlargement Estrogen for Males, Male to Female and Transgender Women

Male breast enlargement using  Transfemme estrogen is the premier way to achieve your breast enlargement goals naturally and safely. We have been helping our customers with Male Breast Enlargement since 1996 with a 90% plus success rate! Our breast pills are all natural and safe. There have been no known side effects in the time that we have been serving our customers.  There have been no known interactions with medications, supplements, and vitamins that you may be taking. There are no restrictions on alcohol, caffeine or diet.

Our highly specialized method reprograms the male body into converting Testosterone to Estrogen.  We also add a proprietary blend of homeopathic potentization programs using quantum technology, special coding, unique to our company and not available anywhere to the public to programming breast growth for males, male to female and Transgender women. Males, male to female and Transgender women will see Permanent breast increase within one year.  This works because males and females are not really that different since all men and women make both male and female hormones.  The male body gradually starts producing Estrogen on its own while either choosing our Full Feminization Program or our Partial Feminization Program.

male breast enlargement aromatization
Breast enlargement for males, males to female, and Transgender women averages approximately one cup size to 3 cup sizes over the course of the time that you are on our programs. Results are individualized.
Thousands of our males, male to female, and Transgender women looking for breast enlargement are getting spectacular results being on our programs.

We have two programs set up for our customers. One being our Full Feminization Program and the other our Partial Feminization Program. Whichever program you choose will help to fulfill your needs and wants. You just need to decide which program is suitable for you. Jules, your Program Consultant can help you to choose the program that is right for you and when getting started on our Full Program, Jules will provide you her own special tips she did back as a female customer. Jules tips are proven to be effective for males looking for breast enlargement, male to female, Transgender women and females.
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Aromatization is a process that occurs naturally in the body to convert Testosterone into Estrogen. The reason for the name, which sounds more like it would deal with scents, is because the enzyme Aromatese performs the conversion.  This is what our breast enlargement pills will do for you.  Doctors usually prescribe hormones (HRT) one of being Estradiol either by injections, patches or pills to promote breast growth, however as this is merely putting male breast enlargement Estrogen into your body in a most unnatural way, blood tests would have to be monitored to determine the effects of the hormones.  Mainly, the liver enzymes and kidneys would need to be monitored more closely.  You cannot increase the dosage of Estradiol hormone as only your doctor can do this. Now, does this not sound dangerous to you?

The aromatization process can start as early as 4 weeks, some may take longer, but the majority of our customers report anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks where a noticeable increase of breast size begins.  It is recommended for optimum results for breast growth to start with our Full Program Packages.

Male Breast Enhancement without Drugs or Surgery

While on our programs, customers begin to experience feelings of tingling, itching, different sensations in around the nipple area, and possible tightness in the chest area.  The nipples begin to protrude especially when in the freezer section of the grocery store or outside in the cold.  The areola of the nipples begin to widen from 1 to 2 inches.

Breast increase usually starts along the sides of your breasts (close to your underarms) and gradually develops on top where your pectorals are, then under your breasts.  As your breasts develop you will begin to notice when you wear a bra that you are forming cleavage.  As time permits you will start to notice less facial and body hair, and softer skin.  There are less trips for hair removal and or laser treatment as your hair on your skin begins to thin. You will notice that you are shaving and waxing less as you experience less facial and body hair.  The technician may wonder why your hair is thinner and easier to remove.  There are more frequent trips to the salon for a manicure, pedicure and hair styling as your fingernails and toenails grow quicker and your hair follicles are stronger and healthier resulting in increased hair growth.

As the Estrogen begins to increase customers experience mind and body changes and they feel more emotional and even experience night sweats due to the lowering of the Testosterone. All of these signs are simply telling you that our programs are working for you!

The amount of male breast enlargement estrogen that increases depends on the dosage that you are placed on and what program you choose for your needs.  We find that the higher the dosage of our breast enlargement pills, the more feminine the male body becomes.  There is the need to go out and purchase feminine clothing, shoes, lipsticks, nail polish, and even the need to change your hair style. You find yourself using body lotions, having bubble baths as you are determined to keep your skin softer to the touch.

What else causes Breast Enhancement for Men?

Male Breast enhancement is one side effect of increasing Estrogen and decreasing Testosterone. For male to female and Transgender women that are looking for full feminization and permanent results such as genitals shrinkage and lower libido you will also receive ongoing live support as your dosage can increase depending on your needs.

Please keep in mind for females it took from the age of 7 to 22 to fully develop the breast size.  You do need patience when on either our Full Feminization Program or our Partial Feminization Program.  There is no known male breast enlargement pill that will give you instant results, however, breast implants can, with high risks of course!

Our Full Feminization Program and Partial Feminization Program helps you to achieve a gender balance and harmony. It will help you to get motivated towards either just achieving male breast enlargement, partial feminization, total feminization, temporary, or permanent feminization.

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Note: The difference from our Full Feminization Program to our Partial Feminization Program is the dosage you are placed on and the length of time you are on the program. Our Full Feminization program results in genitals shrinkage where our Partial Feminization likely not. Your facial features do not change, feet and hands do not change, voice does not change nor does your sexual preferences.

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