How to Grow Larger Areola on Men!

How to Grow Larger Areola on Men

If you are wondering to how to grow larger areola on men, you have come to the right place! We have been manufacturing areola enlargement products since 1996, for men just like you. That’s right, men have been secretly enlarging their areola and breasts long before it was publicly known. You are not alone, many men secretly feel feminine and want to be feminized to varying degrees. Most of our customers are straight and married to women, enlarging your male areola is very popular.

In our Transfemme® product line you will find we have specialized pills and creams that will enlarge your male areola. Our products have stood the test of time in thousands of men for over two decades.

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Your most prominent male areola enlargement results will develop using our Transfemme® pills. The majority of men seeking breast enlargement also want sexy, female looking areola enlargement. You can be sure to develop larger areola by following our directions, we do recommend speaking to a consultant or phone or email so we can tailor your results to what you are and are not seeking. Our Customer Success Team is here with your every step of the way. When you work with us, we are helpful and supportive, no embarrassing doctors appointments, no sharing of your personal information to some  hidden government database. You get the larger areola you want, the bigger breasts you want and it stays private!

So how do we make larger male areola?

We have helped thousands of men enlarge their areola since 1996. Many of our customers have tried prescription hormones but for some reason had minimal results and little to no areola enlargement. Our Transfemme® capsules are part of the endocrine axis that causes your own body to create estrogen like a woman, while decreasing testosterone. This is completely different than trying to block circulating testosterone and adding artificial estrogen. In our case we are converting your testosterone into real estrogen, so we eliminate the problem of trying to block testosterone that is circulating and relying on artificial estrogen. It is much better to have your own human estrogen and less testosterone, you will always have testosterone just less of it. You always had estrogen, you just had less of it than before you took Transfemme®  Join our Transfemme® family and start enjoying your fantasy of having larger areola and breasts now!

Anatomy of Male and Female Areola and Breast

how to grow larger areola on men
The parts of the Areola anatomy in both males and females are the nipple and areola which are connected to mammary ducts and mammary glands. The male and female areola has tiny, modified sweat glands called Montgomery’s tubercules and these glands secrete a lubricating fluid. The human mammary gland is comprised of lobules, which are clusters of glands that lactate to produce milk for offspring bore by women. The mammary glands drain milk into the breast ducts which allows the milk to reach the nipple. The rest of the breast surrounding the mammary glands and ducts contains fatty and connective tissues.

Can a Male Breast Feed?

While both males and females have breasts which are similar, the internal structure of the male breast anatomy is not identical to the female. The male breast lacks the specialized lobules needed for milk production, so while it is possible for us to grow male breasts and areola, it is impossible for a man to ever lacttate.

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