Male Breast Enlargement Pills Make You Feel Happier and More Emotional

Real Male Breast Enlargement Pills Customer Feedback

After more than two decades of feedback from our male breast enhancement customers we are sure you will experience many benefits from using our male breast pills. Hi Laurie, Thanks for replying to me so quickly. Yes, you’re right about the Bountiful Breast/Transfemme breast pills making one feel happier. I don’t know why this is, I found this very strange, approximately 4 weeks after I started taking the Male Breast Enlargement Pills, I felt happier, as if I’d won the lottery!! Maybe you know why this is, is it because of what the ingredients are that’s in them? Also, is this the same for biological females or does this just happen to us transgender females (MTF)? At no time have I experienced any tingling in my nipples as other T-girls have said has happened to them. My areola have increased in diameter a little bit, maybe about one centimeter but I have only used these for 23 days. But the fact is now I dosee a little difference in my breasts whereas before all I had there was skin and bone. I find this absolutely amazing that these little pills can do this to a MTF! What Transfemme® has with these pills is almost as good as having a ‘genie in a bottle’, and that’s something that I’ve always wanted! You are the Magical Male to Female Genie! I am excited to see my results in a few months from now. Your friend, Rachel

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