Transfemme Beautification Cream – 5 Jars

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Our Transfemme® Estrogen breast cream for men is now new and improved! You should apply our cream to your breasts twice daily. This will help to increase your breast size, breasts are fuller, rounder, uplifting and shapely. Our customers report a noticeable difference within their first jar of use and report anywhere from 1-2 cup sizes within a short period of 3-6 months, some even report sooner! The areola enlargement is usually the first noticeable change when using our cream and as well protruding of the nipples. Applying our Transfemme® Estrogen cream for men to the genitals will also help to shrink in size if the need be.

Package Includes:
5 jars of Transfemme Beautification Cream

1 review for Transfemme Beautification Cream – 5 Jars

  1. Katrina

    I love this estrogen cream! It has helped make my boobs more feminine and round. I am also using it on my hips and thighs now and am experiencing a rounding out of my hips and thighs. I also use this with the Bountiful Breast cream and 8 pills. My areola and nipples were the first things to feminize, they are larger now like a woman’s. I am very happy with this system, every month I am seeing positive changes. I plan to continue using these products and I am grateful to all the wonderful staff at Transfemme for supporting me. Blessings to all on your journey!

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