Transfemme Cream – 1 Jar

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Our Transfemme® beautification breast cream is silky and smooth, now new and improved richer in estrogen and other ingredients to provides permanent results when used for a period of 9 to 12 months. Our Transfemme® beautification breast cream can be applied to the face, chest and arms and legs to help lessen unwanted facial and body hair. Our Transfemme® beautification breast cream can be applied to the genitals for penis and testicles shrinkage. Our Transfemme® beautification breast cream can shrink the penis of up to 4 inches and the testicles to small pea-size. Some may experience less shrinkage, some may experience more as results are individualized.

Package Includes:
1 jar of Transfemme Breast Beautification Cream

3 reviews for Transfemme Cream – 1 Jar

  1. Rhonda

    Taking the BB pills, Transfemme pills, Booster pills and using the creams is really moving my progress along. I started out with no breast size and I now have a very full, round 42C cup and much more feminine areola. I am using the Transfemme cream on my testicles they are getting much smaller, my skin is so soft to touch and my emotions are changing and even experiencing hot sweats.

  2. Georgina

    Je suis très satisfait du résultat. Pour un début, je vois des résultats et je les ressens. J’ai pris un peu de poids et je commence à avoir du mal à mettre mon pantalon d’homme. Il va falloir que je prenne un pantalon de ferme.
    Très bon produit et pris en même temps avec les crème et de la Progestogel. Je le recommande vivement. Georgina.

  3. Michelle Dimond

    I have nothing but outstanding praise and great results to show from using Transfemme products for the past three and a half years! I started out working with the Program Advisor, Jules, who instructed me on how to create a daily regimen. I actually started by utilizing the two cream products; Transfemme Cream and Bountiful Breast Cream.
    The results were amazing! I was so thrilled by the cream results that I considered going full steam ahead with the fantastic pills/capsules regimen.
    If you really want gorgeous female breasts, you will need to take the full regimen of creams and capsules on a daily basis. These products really work. You can see my results under “Michelle” in the Testimonials section of this website.

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