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Increased Pituitary and Live Cell Therapy
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Our Transfemme® pills were originally here on trial and customers were overwhelmed with their progress and so we decided to make more. We wanted to determine if there would be any different from our Bountiful Breast® pills to our Transfemme® pills for our male customers.

Our Transfemme® pills are exclusive to our males and we increased the pituitary blend to the male endocrine system where the pituitary absorbs quicker into the endocrine system.  Our Transfemme® pills provide a natural T deprivation therapy by aromatizing your testosterone into feminizing estrogen at a much higher level resulting in quicker progress.  Our Transfemme® pills are laser encoded containing a live cell therapy with DNA RNA nucleoproteins and for this reason, we are limited to the number of pills we can make at one time to maintain full potency. Our pills must be kept in a cool dry place away from extreme heat and sunlight or the live cell therapy will die off and lose its full effectiveness and the pills will expire sooner.

Our Transfemme® pills will help target the male body to aromatize T into E, leaving your body with much higher levels of estrogen.  These higher levels of estrogen will then further trick the brain into thinking that enough testosterone is being produced, further slowing the natural production of Testosterone. This happens when estrogen saturates testosterone receptors in the hypothalamus region of the brain. The saturated hypothalamus stops sending out the hormone to the pituitary to stimulate secretions of luteinizing the hormone that the gonads require to produce testosterone.  Customers further tell us while taking equal amounts of our Bountiful Breast® pills and our Transfemme® pills provide extraordinary progress and sadly we are now on backorder for those customers that were fortunate to try our Transfemme® pills. It is recommended to pre-order more than 1 bottle as we are limited to the amount we can make at one time and waiting time can be more than one month.

9 reviews for Transfemme Male Breast Enlargement Pills

  1. Georgina

    Hello everyone, I like started with transfemme, because with other food supplements, it didn’t really work. I asked Jules and she explained and advised me on what I should take and how. I started with transfemme capsules and transfemme creams and Bountiful Breast. I respected Jules’ advice and massage techniques; it worked, I wanted a female bust and that I am still functional with my male side. For my second order, I only ordered Transfemme and bountiful Breast creams. I still felt an evolution of my chest. Now I want more, I find myself pretty, I compared the measurements from the start and now the figures speak for themselves: my chest has changed, my size has lost a little and my buttocks have grown a little . Fats move. With the corona virus, I could not reorder, I placed my order in the basket (this time if, I take the whole combination; The new Transfemme capsules, Bountiful Breast capsules, Transfemme and Bountiful Breast creams, and Booster pills). I want more femininity, Jules advised me to increase the quantity for a little faster evolution. With these massage techniques and the amount that Jules has adapted to my body, I will feminize myself more. Thanks to Jules for his advice for my new life, I feel even better and see life differently. Thank you Jules and to Transfemme.

  2. Rhonda (verified owner)

    I have been using the Transfemme exclusively for about 2 months. Before I was using Bovine Ovarian pills, for close to 2 years daily 4/day. I experienced some growth and definitely lost use of my dangly parts. I gained unneeded weight and found myself on the verge of tears often. Since speaking to Jules I stopped using the other BO product and like I said exclusively use Transfemme and BB together equal parts along with the Transfemme Beautiful Bust creme. I am now feeling the small shaping of a bud under my nipples along with areola slowly expanding and pushing outward all the time. I am about ready to reorder the pills along with the booster pills and their volumizing oil again.

  3. Greta

    Well, where do I start? You see years ago something terrible happened to me as I had huge money after receiving an inheritance from my parents passing. I was working with my lawyer who knew of my huge inheritance since my parents passing on. One day I had a knock at the door and there were 2 police standing there as I was set up by my lawyer. I was taken to the police station and the next thing I know I’m in jail. Some few years later I get out and became suicidal and to make a long story short I decided to fix my life and work on changing how I look. I started searching the net and found different products, and all I got was some fullness. I came across this site “Transfemme” and I decided to call the number as my next thought was to try HRT. This lady answered the phone, Jules, and OH my God she spent some 40 minutes on the phone with me helping me to feel comfortable. I told her my story and she didn’t interrupt me as she listened. I felt like Jules was sitting in front of me embracing my words. I could feel the warmth of her sincerity come through the phone. She never forced Transfemme on me. She explained how the program and products work and that once I get started Jules will put together the daily regimen that fits my needs. Jules also said “Greta, this is for you, and only you can make the decision whether you feel Transfemme is what you’re looking for”. I decided that this is a sincere company and cares about customers and ordered. Jules recommended me to order the full program. I ordered the BB pills, TF pills, BB cream, and TF cream. I alternate days using the BB cream and TF cream on my breasts, hips, buttocks and they are now rounder and shapely as Jules said it would be. I even use the TF cream on my face, and I notice I don’t have to shave as often. My breasts have increased in size and they are so much fuller. My areola is getting larger and my nipples have started to point outward. I started to notice that I was at a plateau and things were slowing down for a few months. I called Jules and she asked what my daily regimen was. I told her and she increased my BB pills and TF pills and highly recommended me to order their Booster pills as she said it would increase progress 10-fold. I also told Jules that I don’t take their protein shake. I bought my protein shake from Walmart and I told her I don’t like the taste and it’s too thick so I stopped taking it. She explained how the protein shake is an important part of the program as it is not just the protein but the amino acids that helps with healthy breasts and Jules highly recommended that I switch to their protein shake. I love it. It is not thick like mine. It is light tasting, has no carbs, no sugar, no fat, and as Jules said it is “yummy for the tummy”. Holy crap, what a difference taking their protein shake and adding the Booster pills to my daily regimen as I started to feel more tingling and sensation in my breasts. Within a few weeks I am seeing progress again! I now love the way my Hanes sports bras fit now and my jeans. Jules you’re the best! Thank you for changing my life to the better. I love you girl! Thank you Transfemme for your amazing products.

  4. Croy

    I’m real pleased with your counseling and product and my wellness doctor is also in fact there amazed as to my mental health also the picture is proof that your plan works its amazing the difference in my thinking process that was what I really wanted where all my pictures really show is how your product works you can use along with my statements without me saying anything other than I have

  5. Stephanie B.

    My development is going well Have cute little breasts witch are beginning to poke out and I love them. they feel so soft and beautiful Have big butt and wide hips just like a woman. As for My Manhood I think its dead RIP My testicals have become so small that there tuck into my panty along with what’s left of my penis an can hardly be seen I can no longer get an erection

  6. Jacki

    Hey there, I’m Jacki, and I can’t say enough about the Transfemme cream. I was using the old Transfemme cream and was having good results but now just in my second week of using the new Transfemme cream I can first say I really love the new fragance, and amazing how smooth and silky it goes on. I also have to say that after some few hours I did feel some kine of penetration in my nipples and they seem to protrude more. I can’t really explain it, but like Jules says I would get some tingling and and hardness in my nipples, and wow she is right so far. I can really say the new Transfemme cream is improved by far and seems to be working much faster than the old Transfemme cream. I started off with small man boobs and now I would say I am an a/b cup. I am doing the full program, taking the Bountiful Breast pills, the Transfemme pills, Booster pills and now just ordered their protein shake 2 weeks ago. The taste is amazing and unlike the other ones I was taking it’s not so chalky and thick. The protein shake I was taking put weight on me and while it is a little early I don’t see any weight gain yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. So, Jules put together am effective daily regimen after telling me about the new Transfemme pills. I have to say I was really and I mean really skeptic at first, but not now. Thanks Transfemme.

  7. Tamantha

    Oh wow! The new ingredient you have for TF pills is definitely having an effect! Before, there was a noticable sensitivity in my left breast bud as it slowly get bigger. Now the area of sensitivity have grown on both sides, my breasts now have this soft intensity of aching pain ever slowly climbing! Wearing my bra has even come a touch difficult since that and my clothes put some pressure on my breasts that triggers the sensitivity just enough for me to be constantly aware of them. I love it! I love all of it! Waking up to their aching pain and then enjoying it all day long has put me in a very blissful good mood! These feelings have been long awaited for as these changes keep coming and are beyond welcomed! My last measurement even had a touch of progress too! I cant wait for a few months to pass and see what happens. I’m very excited to see how my body will adjust to new treatment of hormone changes. Jules, your massaging techniques are so effective and I love massaging my breasts the way you sent instructions to me to do. Thank you Jules for your support.
    Love Tamantha.

  8. Cassi Martin

    I have been using the pills and creams for over 6 months and they work. I am now estrogen dominate per blood work and my growth has been slow and steady. My body odor has changed tremendously as well as my skin and complexion. If you are looking for change both physical and mental this system will do it.

  9. Rhonda

    Taking the BB pills, Transfemme pills, Booster pills and using the creams is really moving my progress along. I started out with no breast size and I now have a very full, round 42C cup and much more feminine areola. I am using the Transfemme cream on my testicles they are getting much smaller, my skin is so soft to touch and my emotions are changing and even experiencing hot sweats.

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