Transfemme® Pills (90 Count)

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Brand: Transfemme®

Exclusively Available by Transfemme®
Increased Pituitary and Live Cell Therapy

Our Transfemme® pills were originally here on trial, and customers were overwhelmed with their progress, so we decided to make more. We wanted to determine if there would be any difference between our Bountiful Breast® pills to our Transfemme® pills for our male customers.

Our Transfemme® pills are exclusive to our males, and we increased the pituitary blend to the male endocrine system, where the pituitary absorbs quicker into the endocrine system. Our Transfemme® pills provide a natural T deprivation therapy by aromatizing your testosterone into feminizing estrogen at a much higher level resulting in quicker progress. Our Transfemme® pills are laser encoded containing a live cell therapy with DNA RNA nucleoproteins, and for this reason, we are limited to the number of pills we can make at one time to maintain full potency. Our pills must be kept in a cool, dry place away from extreme heat and sunlight, or the live cell therapy will die off and lose its full effectiveness, and the pills will expire sooner.

Our Transfemme® pills aromatize T into E, leaving your body with much higher estrogen levels. These higher levels of estrogen will then further trick the brain into thinking that enough testosterone is being produced, further slowing the natural production of Testosterone. This happens when estrogen saturates testosterone receptors in the brain’s hypothalamus region. The saturated hypothalamus stops sending out the hormone to the pituitary to stimulate secretions of luteinizing, the hormone that the gonads require to produce testosterone. Customers further tell us that taking equal amounts of our Bountiful Breast® pills and our Transfemme® pills provides extraordinary progress. We recommend you order more than one bottle, as we are limited to the amount we can make at one time, and the waiting time can be more than one month. All sales are final, no returns or refunds.

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