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New and Improved Transfemme® Placental Lactogen Cream produces active growth of breast tissue Breast Cream Formula!

Our Transfemme® male breast cream is a silky smooth, naturally scented estrogen cream; now a new and improved formulation! Our male breast cream is richer in estrogen and other estrogenic compounds to provide permanent results when used for 9 to 12 months.

Results are individualized and also vary depending on the usage of Transfemme® pills. Our customers are happy to report extreme results when using both products together!

Paraben-free, no harsh preservatives, made with natural essential oils in a cGMP FDA-monitored lab in the U.S.A.

Experience the luxury of a round, soft female with our highly coveted Transfemme® MTF breast enlargement cream today.

Active ingredients: Placenta, Wild Yam, Hops, Red Clover, Lavender essential oil. Gluten-free.

The estrogen in our hops contains ultra-potent estradiol.

Estradiol directly lowers testosterone in the testes and SHBG, which binds up free testosterone in the bloodstream. Estradiol has also been found to directly interfere with the ability of the testes’ Leydig cells to produce testosterone.

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Directions for use: Apply Transfemme® MTF breast cream to your breasts for feminine shaping and enlargement. Apply to the face, arms, and legs to help decrease unwanted facial and body hair and soften features. Peptides in our placenta extract also reduce wrinkles and enhance natural collagen production. Apply to your genital area for penis and testicle shrinkage.

Results are individualized and also vary depending on the usage of Transfemme® pills. Our customers are happy to report extreme results when using both products together!


Placenta Extract is used for rejuvenation and revitalization. Many bioactive- and anti-inflammatory components in Placenta Extract stimulate cellular renewal and repair. In vivo and in vitro studies show that Placenta Extract has the property of regenerating liver cells and skin cells.

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Placenta Extract is well known for wound healing. The placenta is beneficial as a topical agent in managing chronic non-healing wounds. Placenta Extracts have anti-microbial properties against many pathological microorganisms related to the prevention of secondary infections to injuries, which have been demonstrated.

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The health benefits of Placenta Extract include improvements in energy, stress response, sleep patterns, relaxation, and the ability to overcome fatigue.

It is well known that the bio-active molecules in the placenta include hormones like prolactin and oxytocin – hormones that help to lactate and bonding after giving birth, as well as providing a state of happiness and enhancing the feeling of wellness and relaxation.

This cream sells out quickly, order yours today and Transform with Transfemme®, the leader in male-to-female transformation since 1996! We provide live customer support by telephone, chat, and email to experienced team members who have used our products.

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