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Transfemme Reviews

Transfemme® is the art and science of modulating male hormones, arranging them to resemble a female hormone profile over time so the body continues to aromatize testosterone into estrogen. This is achieved using proprietary equipment that was developed by our own physicist, as well as high quality raw materials. We have never explained what this is or how it works, except to say it works on a quantum level and involves laser encoding, light and frequencies. Perfect, no one can attempt copy it or purchase our equipment!


Top Rated Male Breast Pills Reviews 2019

1. Transfemme® breast pills reviewed

The product that started a revolution over twenty years ago, often attempted to be copied but not duplicated. Transfemme® has the highest success rate and top marks in live customer service, understanding in product development and research, and is dedicated to the business of assisting males seeking larger breasts and all shades of feminization from cross dressing to complete feminization.

Transfemme® has top results for breast enlargement, areola enlargement, nipple enlargement and feminization of buttocks, hips and thighs. Transfemme® users report having softer skin, heightened emotions, decreased facial hair and decreased male pattern baldness. When testoserone levels decrease and estrogen rises these are the results you would expect to see.

Transfemme® can alter sexual function and fertility. You should consult with the Transfemme® customer success team for assistance to design a plan suited to your needs and goals. Everyone is different and individuals vary in health and genetics. Transfemme® maintains long term relationships with their customers.

Availability: Transfemme® is available for shipping in almost all countries including the Americas, Europe, Asia, parts of Africa and the Middle East and has been for over twenty years. Duties and taxes are the customer’s responsibility.

Transfemme reviews,male breast enlargement results

2. Transfemme® Breast Cream Review

Transfemme® estrogen cream is used by thousands of men world wide as well as transgender women. This product works simply because it is estrogen. Estrogen enlarges male breasts, estrogen enlarges female breasts and estrogen enlarges intersex breasts. Our Transfemme® breast cream is paraben free. Transfemme® breast cream works in conjunction with the other products listed on this page.

3. Bountiful Breast Cream Review

Made of US and worldwide patented breast enlargement ingredients, Volufiline™ and Bio-bustyl™. These are proven to both firm and enlarge breasts and wherever else it is applied! Set in a base of Pueraria Mirifica also known and proven to enlarge breasts by the government of Thailand.

Bountiful Breast Cream™ is a Triple Breast Enlarger™. This cream works for men and women equally well! It can also be used as a butt and hip enlarger and applied to the back of aging hands to plump them back up to a more youthful appearance. This is an all around valuable cream, it is paraben free, soft and silky feeling, made with natural oils and fragrance and smells wonderful.

4. Godiva Natural Male Breast Booster

PM works to boost breast size in males used in combination with Transfemme®. We also use it in our BB cream, we use it in our booster pills in combination with other ingredients.

The Transfemme® team has devised a method of getting the best results that last and continue even after you have ceased using our products. Once the male body is programmed, aromatization of testosterone to estrogen continues.

Puearia Mirifica is proven to enlarge women’s breasts by the government of Thailand. 

Contains Puearia Mirifica and other ingredients to stimulate hormonal release and increase breast size. This product is often sold out. Call now to get on the waiting list!

All Products Reviewed Above are made in an FDA approved cGMP laboratory using the highest quality, safe ingredients.

Transfemme reviews,male breast enlargement results

Worst Rated Male Breast Enlargement

Worst Rated Breast Products


A ton of bad products come and go and new ones are continually created.

Unlike our competition who invent nothing and spend their time attacking their competitors “especially us” we won’t stoop to the level of attacking them by name.

Transfemme® is in business to help people and has been since 1996. Attempting to further our own business by slandering our competition is not a viable business model. Obviously if a company has a good product, they are not worried about trying to make their competitors look bad. Simply be the best and customers remain happy, tell their friends and keep coming back! The problem our competitors have is they are not the best, because they are not the best they think tearing down their competition to steal business will help them.

What would you devote your time to, your customers or attacking your competitors? If you have a crappy product and everyone is buying from your competitors then maybe you’d spend your time trying to steal business by slandering your competition. Most people do not have original ideas, they just copy the few who innovate. In fact they are fuming to see anyone succeed while they fail and they know they have no original thought.

Some of our competitors are now in prison for committing some truly reprehensible crimes on the internet, such as running illegal server farms that host seriously evil content. Their sheer greed and lack of all morals and care about other human beings put them where they belong. They have skeleton operations left up and running by part time help who answer emails at night and do their shipping, it truly is pathetic; we have seen it all since 1996. Yet, they still have people in other countries to keep a slander presence against us.  

Most male breast enlargement products are made by marketing companies. They scan the internet for items they can sell and then throw together a product and build a website. They have no live staff to answer the phone, they simply do not care about their customers and offer nothing, they have one priority, making money. Male Breast Enlargement Review. is full of male breast enlargement products made in China and products made by marketing companies, of course some of them are also trying to use our ideas.  Anyone can sell on Amazon with minimal effort, hence Chinese products are now proliferating Amazon.

Ebay, Male Breast Enlargement Review

Worth mentioning, Ebay is full of cheap, low grade, dangerous products from China. Luckily the items are clearly marked when they are from China, just keep scrolling. If someone is selling you a product for $5.00 its obvious it cost them nothing to make. No one can afford to sell good products for almost free. These prices are a lot lower than our raw materials cost. Disconcerting is the fact that some of them have sold hundreds of items, until the negative reviews pile up and they have to change their name. Bad breast products tarnish the entire industry and cause customers to feel discouraged and give up. If this has happened to you, don’t despair, call the Transfemme® Customer Success Team™ for a free consultation today.

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See our testimonials and photo gallery pages and Youtube channel! We have been helping men grow their breasts for over twenty years. Male to female breast enlargement reviews, transwomen, tgirls, regular guys who just want bigger boobs.

A thorough review of Transfemme® and other male breast enlargement reviews.

Transfemme® was created in 1996 and is a US registered trademark of Avalon Essentials, LLC. Avalon Essentials takes their product development, research, customer service and intellectual property very seriously.

Transfemme® creates epigenetic changes and aromatizes testosterone into estrogen.

Aromatization is a know medical process the body does naturally, although considered undesirable by the medical community for men, obviously this is precisely what Transfemme® customers want.

Transfemme reviews,male breast enlargement results

The word Transfemme® was created by our in house doctor, Dr. Robert Archer in 2002. It has since been adopted throughout the transgender community.

Transfemme® innovators not imitators™

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Transfemme reviews,male breast enlargement results