FAQs About Male Breast Enlargement


Transfemme® Male Breast Enlargement

These are frequent questions asked Male to Female questions by our customers. If you have an additional question not addressed here please email us. We have been selling breast enlargement pills since 1996 and have a lot of experience and feedback from M to F customers.

Please Note: The TransFemme® product is stronger than the BountifulBreast® pills. Male-to-females desiring breasts and full body feminization take much higher doses. Please be sure to read the following FAQ. There are two breast creams, Transfemme® Male Breast Cream, which directly stores estrogen in the body, and BountifulBreast® Cream which causes increased fat storage wherever it is applied

how to grow larger areola on men

How does Transfemme® work on genetic males?

Transfemme® causes a process called aromatization, whereby the body converts testosterone into estrogen in levels that may match a biological female. In sufficient doses Transfemme causes the male body to reprogram the way it processes hormones, leaving the male body producing high estrogen and low testosterone like a genetic female even after discontinuing Transfemme®. A sufficient dose is eight capsules per day. Four capsules in the morning and four capsules in the evening. You can read about aromatization here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/biochemistry-genetics-and-molecular-biology/aromatization

Aromatization of testosterone to estradiol converts in tissues of the male body from puberty onward.



Will my breasts slow in their growth to allow for my hips, buttocks and thighs to catch up?

This is an individual process. Most male users report seeing their body fat redistribute itself into a female form. Usually you will see the breasts grow first and later on when your body is producing female hormones on its own your hips and buttocks will start to round out and gain a female form. This is natural because the female hormonal levels cause the body to gain a female body fat composition instead of the male one you were born with.

Is loss and/or slower growth of facial and body hair common?

Yes, it is normal for male users to see their facial and body hair decrease. Most customers will still want to get laser hair removal done.

Will my skin get softer?

Yes, the estrogen levels cause your skin to become softer like a biological woman.

Will my voice change like a woman’s?

No, your voice can only change with vocal training and or voice box surgery to make your voice box smaller like a woman’s.

Is this effect permanent?

Yes, we have had many reports from our customers one year later who still had their blood tests coming out as a normal woman’s test result. We no longer have a reversal pill for males who want to go back to having normal male hormone levels because we are not in the reversal pill business. Only use this product if you want to be a woman!

Will Transfemme show up on drug tests?

Transfemme does NOT show up in drug tests, it only appears on hormone panels done by a blood test as naturally higher estrogen. Drug tests are allowed by law to be performed by employers to test for illegal substances, NOT estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, or thyroid hormones etc.

My breasts are getting bigger and are noticeable, what should I say to people so they don’t think I did something to get larger breasts?

If someone makes a comment about your breast size and you do not want them to know you wanted bigger, feminine breasts, quietly tell them you have Gynemastia and it is embarrassing and you don’t want to talk about it. This is not an uncommon condition and will satisfy any curious people. You can also wear a breast minimizer to flatten your breasts if they get too large.

Will Transfemme change the size of my areola? 

Yes, Transfemme will change the size of most biological males areola to look female. We have many men call to tell us their areola have gone from a small dime size to a half dollar or quarter size in a short period of time usually before their breasts get larger. Transfemme will not increase the length of your nipples.

How can I have longer nipples like a biological female?

This is easy, you can buy a snake bite kit at any sporting goods store and use the suction on your nipples. The cost is about five dollars. This works very well and you can get your nipples even longer than normal, so they show through clothing easily.

What is a snake bite kit?

A snake bite kit is sold in sporting goods stores for removing snake venom after a snake bite.

If I use the snake bite kit how long does it take to make my nipples larger?

You will see results immediately. The more you use it the longer they will get.

Will my nipples stay longer or do I have to continue using the snake bit kit?

The results are permanent so use judiciously.

I would like to order and don’t want my wife or work to know. How is the product shipped, could I have it shipped to work without the contents being known?

Transfemme is shipped in a plain box via Federal Express in the United States, the sender is Avalon Therapeutics. We can also ship with a hold for pick up if you have no place for delivery. Simply provide us with the FedEx location nearest you. We provide your tracking number to you via your email address upon shipment.

How can I order without using a credit card on the internet?

Yes, you can order over the phone or internet using a prepaid debit card you can purchase at stores such as Walmart.

What is the recommended dosage so I can order enough to give this a fair trial?

You need to order at least three months of pills to get a good start at breast and areola development. A 270 count bottle will last 33 days if you take eight (8) capsules per day. You can take less capsules per day. The amount necessary varies from person to person and individual goals. Eight (8) capsules per day is the maximum dose. Ordering the largest supply will give you the lowest cost per month. The prices listed per month are based on two pills per day. If you order the 13.5 month supply you will receive three (3) – 270 count bottles.

Male Breast Development in Utero and Puberty

The breasts are considered to be the mammae, an organ of lactation (to form milk) used to provide sustenance to our children. The male breasts begin to develop in utero at around 6-7 weeks post conception. Beginning as a ridge of breast tissue running from the axillae (armpits) to the groin — called the milk ridge. At about the 8 or 9th week. the milk ridge subsides in all areas (usually) except above the pectoral muscle. At about 16 weeks the cells begin grouping for the lactation glands of the breasts (called lobules). Although they are not yet formed they are at the beginning stage of organizing into the intricate ductwork that will once perhaps feed the embryo’s own, future child.

The underlying myology (muscle) structure of the areolae complex (nipple and its surrounding disc of pigmented skin) will begin to form as well. Over the next several months the inner workings of the fetal breast will develop and define. During the last 2 months the lobules (lactation glands) will begin to produce and fill with a yellowish-clear or sometimes oily, milky substance called colostrum. This is a result of the mother’s hormones crossing the placenta during the last trimester of the pregnancy. After the child is born the colostrum will resorb or leach out of the child’s breast through the nipple. Both genders develop colostrum and have identical breast structure until puberty. Up until pre-pubescence, both gender’s breasts are the same. At this time, the female body produces estrogen and then progesterone which stimulates the sexual maturation process. While the ovaries are maturing the breasts undergo significant changes themselves. The breasts will enlarge and develop more fully for a time period anywhere from 3 to 4 years. Menstruation usually begins within 2 years of breast development. After functional maturation the teen is able to produce a milk supply in the event of a pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.

My partner tells me I smell different, is this normal?

People who experience a change in their estrogen levels may find that their pheromones change from a masculine scent to a more feminine scent.

Will my physical stature change to accommodate more of a feminine appearance?

Although bone structure will not change there may be changes seen in the lessening of muscle mass and a female body fat distribution. This would cause the illusion of a change in physical stature. You will not shrink nor will you get taller, but you should form into a more female appearing shape!

Can I experience growth without drinking the protein shakes?

You will see much better results if your body has the right nutrition it needs to do its own job. Results will vary without using the protein shakes because hormones are made from the amino acids and protein contained in our shakes.

I have read that TF tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant, is this true?

No, TF is a form of glandular therapy and does not induce pregnancy effects

Is there a chance that I can lactate by taking TF?

No, TF cannot cause lactation, to accomplish this you would need to have different hormones that are produced only during pregnancy.

Why does my internal body temperature make a difference in how this product works?

Body temperature is indicative of your thyroid hormone levels and their proper functioning, which is linked in the Thyro, Pituitary, Testicular/Ovarian axis.

Will my emotions change after using TF?

Yes, many of our customers report feeling more emotional and sensitive. Quote, “it is like the difference between seeing life in black and white and then being able to see in color.” Most men report they also enjoy feminine activities more than usual, such as shopping, this is probably because testosterone aromatizes into estrogen in the brain as well as other areas of the body.

Can I still sire children?

No, most users report their sperm count drops to levels at or near sterile after six months of use.

Will I get mood swings like a woman?

We have not had any reports of mood swings like PMS, all people do have mood swings even men. Men also naturally go through a male form of menopause called andropause as they age.

Will Transfemme Male Breast Enlargement pills shrink my testicles and penis?

Yes, eventually your penis and testicles will shrink. Most users report shrinkage after approximately six months of taking eight pills per day.

Will Transfemme Male Breast Pills take away my erection, can I still get hard?

Yes, you will still have the ability to maintain an erection for an undetermined period of time but the quality and quantity of erections will diminish as the length of time on the product and your feminization increases. Feminization varies from one man to another, therefore we have no way of guaranteeing how long you can use this product and still maintain an erection. When you have very low testosterone erections will be less frequent and more difficult to achieve. Using this product carries a risk of losing your ability to have an erection due to lower testosterone, although this is considered a good thing by many of our customers. Do not use this product for longer than six months at a time if you are concerned about your testosterone levels and have regular blood work done by a medical doctor. The user assumes all risk and we make no warranty or guaranty for any male using this product.

How long can I take the pills until I can’t have the ability to make children?

Approximately six months. Do NOT use this product if you are still planning to have children. This product causes feminization that may be irreversible.

What side-effects occur for men taking the product?

There can be many side effects from having high estrogen. If you have not already done so, you need to research the effects of higher estrogen levels in men. Higher estrogen levels do occur in some men naturally in later years so the effects are well known. This question is beyond the scope of this website and we are not allowed to offer medical advice. Suffice to say this product is only for T-girls, i.e., males who are serious about becoming female. This product is not for the weekend dabbler who wants to wear a bra and then have their breasts disappear. Making a transition into being female is a serious endeavor.

Do you have men who only want to be she-male and not all female?

Yes, we do and they fall into a middle ground category between male and female. Obviously using the product for more than six months could cause them to become overly feminine. We recommend going slowly and monitoring your hormones if you do not want to become too female. Again these results vary from person to person. Very masculine men are more difficult to make feminine. If you are very masculine you may need a prescription for Spirolactone, however; many of our masculine customers do feminize and end up with high levels of estrogen naturally from taking our product. We recommend using Transfemme on its own first before using any prescriptions.

Will I continue to grow after I stop taking the product?

Every person has differing results and some men do continue to grow for a time after discontinuing Transfemme male breast enhancement pills.

How long does it take for my testosterone to turn to estrogen?

This usually starts after one month and gradually increases as the body gets reprogrammed.

How much of a feminization process will take place?

This varies from person to person. The more feminine you were born the easier it is to convert your body to being feminine, some men make better women than others. Call our Customer Success Team for more assistance.

If I take more than two pills per day will it speed up the process?

Usually yes, two pills per day is the female recommended dose. The TS dosage is eight pills per day.

Why do I have to check my temperature?

When your body is below 98.2 your liver does not manufacture sufficient enzymes to convert your thyroid hormones from T4 to T3 that are a required part of the growing process.

Will it take away the hair off my chest?

Most people see their overall body and facial hair decrease over time.

Can people tell that I am growing breasts?

Yes, eventually it will show. You can always claim you have gynemastia and are embarrassed about it and don’t wish to discuss it. Or at some point you can choose to let everyone know you are becoming a woman. You will have plenty of time to think about how you want to handle your transformation.

How long does it take before my breasts will be noticeable to others?

Every person has noticeable results at a varying tie schedule. Sometimes this can happen as quickly as the first month. The more masculine you are the longer it usually takes to see breast size increase.

Do I have to wear a bra all the time, and when should I have to start wearing a bra?

No you do not need to wear a bra all the time. You will want to wear a bra more often when your breasts need support and lift Bras are recommended when you are a B cup

Will it increase my nipple size, and is there anything I can do to increase my nipple size?

Yes, you will see your areola increase in size. We have not heard of the length of the nipples increasing. You can increase your nipple length using a snake bite kite.

I am concerned about keeping my package private, how can I receive my package without someone else possibly signing for it when I am not home?

To ensure our customers’ privacy, we offer delivery of packages as a “HOLD FOR PICK UP”, to the local UPS facility. Call UPS before you order from us and get the local address of the nearest UPS facility in your area. Call our toll free number and tell the operator you are doing a “HOLD FOR PICK UP” for the shipping address when they take your order. Give both your credit card billing address and the UPS address for delivery. Make sure you provide us with an email address, this allows us to send you your tracking number so you will know when to go to the UPS facility. Your email address will also be used to send you your receipt for payment. There is an overnight charge for HOLD FOR PICK UP as your package will need to be sent overnight to qualify for UPS HOLD FOR PICK UP availability.

Will growth hormones counter the effects while using the cream or pills?

Growth Hormones are normal hormones everyone makes and you make more Growth Hormone when you are younger. Growth Hormones are not sex specific, they are regenerative.

What is the largest breast size I can get? 

The largest size we have seen in photographs is a H cup.

Do the bottles have an expiration date?

Every bottle has an expiration date on it, that is the law. The factory codes the bottles on the day they are made according to the USDA, DSHEA manufacturing and GMP laws. This is based on what the known product life is for a specific ingredient. If you leave the bottles sitting in the sun for months it will obviously expire sooner. These expiration dates are based on room temperature.

Can I take more than 8 pills per day?

Male customers wishing to become feminine should take eight pills per day. Four pills in the morning and four pills in the evening on an empty stomach with water. We do not know the exact number additional pills that will be most effective but you can try taking additional pills if you want to.