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Our Mission

Our mission is to support our cross-dressing customers, gender-fluid girls, and transwomen during their journey, particularly those pursuing male-to-female (MTF) transformations. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the unique requirements of male breast enhancement and feminization. Our success stories over the years reflect our commitment.

Discover Your Feminine Potential with Our Male Breast Enhancement Products

Our team offers a range of natural male breast enlargement products; each carefully formulated to support your goals. We believe that natural male breast enhancement is possible and can be achieved and sustained. Our products are designed to promote changes in your body, ensuring comfort and health while enhancing your feminine features.

Our Signature Programs: Partial and Full Feminization

We offer two distinct programs to meet various needs. Our Partial Feminization program is ideal for those who want to enhance their breasts while maintaining masculine traits.

The Full Feminization program provides a comprehensive transition solution, including male breast enlargement, rounder buttocks and hips, softer skin, and other feminine characteristics.

Male to Female Breast Enlargement Cream

Welcome to Transfemme®, which helps you embark on a journey to the true you. Our primary mission since 1996 has been to aid individuals, male-to-female (MTF), in transitioning smoothly in a minimally invasive way. We specialize in male breast enlargement and development, with a variety of male breast enlargement products, including male breast enhancement pills and creams. 

We Are Not Doctors, This is Not Medical Advice


Know that we are not doctors, doctors do not recommend our products, and nothing we say should be construed as medical advice or replace  medical advice. All photos and videos of our customers are illustrative of their results, not your results or results you should expect. No one can guarantee any individual results. Our customers tell us many things, but these are anecdotal stories, so we can’t share them. The bottom line is that we cannot make claims or claim you will look like some of the lovely customers you see on our website or social media. 

None of our customers were paid to give us testimonials. We do not control the reviews attached to our shopping cart, only customers who have purchased online can leave a review through a third party review platform. Know that their experience is their experience alone, no matter how many thousands of good reviews we get, that doesn’t guarantee you will have the same results because everyone is different. That being said we do a good job at supporting our customers.

We are dedicated to being your ultimate destination for male breast enlargement, enhancement, and feminization. Begin an immersive voyage of a lifetime, characterized not only by its natural essence but also supported by more than twenty eight years of established proficiency and knowledge. At Avalon Essentials, we specialize in helping men, cross dressers, tgirls, gender fluid and transwomen feminize.  breast enhancement, providing you with safe and effective male breast enlargement products that help you embrace your femininity

By joining our Full Feminization Transfemme Program, or being a castrated shemale. This transformation reduces their size and curtails male hormone production, facilitating the release of female hormones instead. Our program is designed to assist you in feminizing your body.

Transfemme® Products - MTF Transformation

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Speak to Our Transfeminine Experts:

Curious about what Customer Success Team can do for you? Reach out to our expert consultants to learn more about how our male breast enlargement products can help you on your journey toward embracing your authentic self.  No one has put more thought and effort into transforming people assigned male at birth into their female selves without resorting to damaging invasive surgery and yes you can use Transfemme products with prescriptions.  We have been guiding our customers for over two decades, and our customers often become our friends.

Since 1996, we have been dedicated to supporting individuals seeking male-to-female transformation. Our approach, which we call “Male to Female Gender Reassignment Through Epigenetic Changes,” represents a natural and safe path towards realizing your desired femininity.

Embrace the journey of transformation with Transfemme®. Experience the best in male breast enhancement, and let us guide you to your authentic self. Explore our products today and step into the world of natural male breast enlargement. Welcome to a new you!  

Partial Feminization Program:


Our Partial Feminization Program results in breast enlargement, protruding of the nipples, areola widening, rounding, and shaping of the body, less facial and body hair, growing faster, longer nails, softer skin, and no changes to libido. Enjoy being a male by day and cross-dressing and female by night. This program is perfect for those in the closet and not looking for genitals shrinkage [penis and testicles] or lower libido.

Full Feminization Program:

(Designed for cross dressers, male-to-female, Tgirls, Sissies, and Transgender women seeking breast development and/or preparing for Gender Reassignment Surgery [SRS]) 

Avalon Essentials is honored to be part of your journey toward embracing your authentic self with our natural male breast enhancement solutions! With over two decades of expertise dedicated to helping those seeking feminization or male-to-female (MTF) transitions. 

We understand the unique requirements involved in achieving femininity. Our suite of specialized programs includes Partial and Full Feminization programs, each tailored toward specific needs while retaining comfort and health as top priorities. 

Who uses male breast enlargement products and what are their goals?

Young males in their 20’s to elderly men in their 90’s; straight, gay, and bisexual; transgender, cross-dressers, gender fluid; married and single; lawyers, doctors, truck drivers, diplomats, insurance agents, former football players, fathers, military officers, and many others feminize themselves. Some of our customers aim to grow breasts, others want to be completely feminized transwomen, and some want to be shemales. There are many types of people that want to be more feminine.


How Transfemme® Can Transform Your Life:

MTF transformations

Note: Our pill’s ingredients are all-natural and safe. There have been no known side effects or interactions with any medications, vitamin supplements, caffeine or alcohol that have been reported to us. 

Using expensive surgeries and dangerous drugs to develop breasts can have many side effects and usually minimal, disappointing results. Who wants embarrassing doctor visits, public records of your personal medical history, as well as discrimination? Very few people want to go under the knife to realize their breast enlargement fantasies. Our customers prefer to opt for nonsurgical, natural male to female breast augmentation methods. With a goal of being as naturally feminine as possible, no who really wants to get breasts implants.

We know you wish your transition will happen quickly, and we are here to help make this happen for you. Becoming the woman of your dreams physically is a huge undertaking, and it’s the undertaking you have been waiting for! If you have dreamt of having bigger breasts, now you can have them safely, naturally, and without drugs or surgery.

How to Grow Male Breasts Without Breast Implants?

Yes, it is well established that you can grow rounder, more feminine, male breasts and without having male breast augmentation. 


How does Transfemme® work and how far can you go without having gender reassignment surgery?


Transfemme® is a three-part system and each part works independently of the other.


We combine three different mechanisms to get the maximum results for our members, with the following goals:

You are as natural as possible

Your Body Naturally Modulates Hormones

You have the most feminine and alluring end results

What does the Transfemme® Feminization System consist of?

Male to female breast enlargement pills that cause your body to use its natural testosterone production and aromatize it into estrogen resulting in female body attributes and blood tests showing lower testosterone and higher estrogen

We believe it is important for safety reasons to have your own natural, human estrogen in your body as opposed to estrogen derived from pregnant horse. 

MTF Hormone transformation
Hanna, Transfemme® Customer. Photos are for illustrative purposes only, other's results are not a guarantee that you will experience the same results, no one can guarantee what any individual will experience. Customers who pass as female usually have smaller bones. See disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

MTF breast cream is applied topically and works locally, our male breast cream is designed to add estrogen to your breasts only and give your breasts a boost estrogen for male breast growth. Bountiful Breast® Cream, our clinically proven feminization cream adds feminine inches wherever it is applied.You apply this sensual, 100% nontoxic cream to your herbal breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks, face and back of your hands.

1200px Testosterone estradiol conversion
For Male to Female and Transgender Women Only. Transgender Hormones and How Estrogen Competes For Testosterone Receptor Sites.

This means natural MTF feminization without high levels of drugs, blood tests, and embarrassing doctor visits.

Thousands of men want to enjoy having feminine breasts, like transgender ladies, who are getting spectacular results using our products. Noticeable enhancement for most ladies occurs immediately; larger areola and nipples are usually the first and fastest improvement. Our products’ results average approximately one cup size in three to four months and vary from individual to individual.

Take four pills two times per day on an empty stomach. Each bottle contains 90 or 270 capsules. We recommend a three-month supply or more, depending on what size you start at and what size you want to become. We also advise consuming 50 grams of whey protein isolate daily in shake form.

Please read our FAQ section for more information on creating a feminine body shape, the premier male breast enlargement system developed in 1996.

Note that information on other websites you may encounter is paraphrased from our writing and is plagiarism; they only copy our knowledge and do not know what they are discussing.

transfemme reviews
Before, During and After Transfemme® Customer photos are for illustrative purposes only, other customer's results are not a guarantee you will have the same results.

The Journey To Becoming The Woman

You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Once you embark on your transformation into womanhood, the journey to womanhood becomes plausible, and then you start seeing results.

It’s now entirely possible, and then one day, you wake up and look in the mirror, and YOU see a pretty, more feminine person looking back at you, and then a warm, giddy feeling of satisfaction overcomes you. You look good in your bra, YES! Your hair is filling in and getting longer, your skin is softer and smoother, your hips are a bit rounder, and you look better in jeans. Yes, it’s all coming together nicely now! You may choose to stay at your current level of forced feminization, or you may decide to have SRS surgery later. We recommend feminizing first and then assessing your next steps, if any.

3-Step Transfeminization Process: Breast Enhancement and Body Feminization Products

1. Estrogen Booster Cream

2. Male to Female Hormone Modulation capsules containing DNA RNA nucleoproteins

3. Bountiful Breast® Breast Enlargement and Feminization Cream containing peptides and Pueraria Mirfica

male to female transformation

Male to Female Breast Enlargement

The testimonials, photos, and videos featured on this website are actual experiences our customers share voluntarily. Know that individual results may vary. We do not guarantee that you will achieve the same results as showcased in the testimonials, photos, or videos. Your results depend on various factors, including but not limited to your background, genetics, health, which products you use, frequency, dosages, and consistency. Using our products is not an overnight or guaranteed ticket to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Indeed, most customers will never look like professional models.
If any customers pass as female, it is due to their genetics. Not every male-to-female individual can pass as a cisgender woman regardless of drugs, surgery, and using our products. There are limitations in passing as female, and most people who pass as female have small bones and are of Asian descent.
We want to clarify that this website’s testimonials, photos, and videos are for illustrative purposes only. They do not guarantee that you will experience the same results. The results in the testimonials, photos, and videos may not be typical. These representations are not indicative of the results that every individual can expect to achieve.
We recommend that you consult with appropriate professionals and conduct your due diligence before making any decisions based on the information provided on this website. Your success or failure in any endeavor will depend on your circumstances and efforts. By using this website or purchasing, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the above disclaimer regarding the variability of results and the limitations of testimonials, photos, and videos as indicators of future outcomes.