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It’s Not Just for Women Anymore

Male Breast augmentation is trending upward in popularity; many male breast enhancement candidates are middle-aged, straight males who have long felt they wanted to be more feminine or are women trapped in a man’s body. After living a life as a male, being married and raising a family, more and more “non-biological females” are coming out and want to live the rest of their lives as the women they always felt they were. One of the extreme and dangerous paths to womanhood that most Transladies in transition would rather not partake in is surgical male breast enlargement. In the United States and Canada surgical male breast augmentation requires a psychiatric evaluation in most cases before a doctor will perform the surgery. We find most of our customers do not want to be labeled as mentally unstable, i.e, having gender dysmorphia, or data-based as transgender by the government, insurance companies, etc. Why should transitioning to a woman be so difficult? One of our customers said, “after having the feeling of being trapped as the wrong gender for most of my life, I do not want to be further scrutinized and subjected to society’s standards, labels, and judgments.” “I would rather keep my personal life personal, why should I have to justify to strangers how I have always felt?”

Can a Transitioning MTF Woman Grow Real Female Breast and Avoid Male Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Yes, we have had many customers grow real, feminine breasts and avoid getting a male breast augmentation. Full breasts are an enduring symbol of femininity and Transfemme breast and body feminization can give you the confidence and overall appearance you have always dreamed of using a combination of pills and male breast enlargement creams. Imagine your real, soft, round, feminine breasts, breasts like a natural-born woman has. Why would you endure having cosmetic surgery with the risks of infection, hardening, unevenness, autoimmune diseases, and the cost and risk of the future needed replacement surgeries when you can grow breasts? While Gender Transformation surgery and breast augmentation for transitioning ladies are some of the plethoras of sex reassignment methods, we find that for many males to female ladies, surgical male to female breast augmentation is not necessary!

Male Breast Augmentation Versus Natural Breasts

At Transfemme© our focus is on naturally creating female appearing breasts, buttocks, rounder hips, softer skin, decreased male hair growth, mitigating male pattern baldness, and a lessening of other male sex attributes. This is accomplished by using an estrogen-based cream, Transfemme pills that aromatize testosterone into estrogen thereby causing a forced feminization and a fat transfer cream that causes fat to accumulate in a female body fat composition. No woman really wants to undergo surgery and no trans-ladies really want to have a large ball of silicone on their chest; breast implants are the last resort option. We have been helping T-girls transition since 1996, all of our customers desire to become real women as close as they possibly can be a biologically born female. 55% of breast growth has complications and all breast implants need to be replaced every ten years. These surgeries are hard on your body as you age, the toxicity levels from the implants cause health complications over time and the replacement surgeries are expensive. Do you really want to have breast implants removed in ten years and replaced every decade of your life? As you journey along the path from male to female, you may eventually find you can pass as a female out in society. Fine-tuning your female appearance, learning how to walk, talk, dress, and carry yourself as a natural-born female all take time. If you decide you want to live your life as a female 100% of the time in public, you can decide whether you need SRS surgery or not. Smaller, less invasive cosmetic procedures can also create a more feminine appearance and will be gratifying. Read our FAQ page for more information on the natural male to female hormone optimization, Male breast Augmentation overall feminization program.

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