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testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis

Hello, my name is Terrania, I am a transgender woman from Europe and I have been using the Transfemme products for four years. I am finally happy with myself after many years of working on my body and I have completed my transition! 

A little about me, from the time I was a teenager I knew I was different. I would imagine myself as a beautiful girl like my older sisters and try on their shoes and dresses and wear make up. I believe in past lives and I think maybe us T-girls were women in our past lives and this time we were born male and it seems wrong because we know we are always female?

By the time I was twenty I knew I wanted to be female and I started researching everything I could find on transitioning.

I was on a long journey to womanhood and there have been many ups and downs for me. Transitioning was a big step and I did not have the support of my family, there were a lot of judgments against me. My family is very traditional and set in their old ways, I felt very sad and isolated for a long time because no one understood how I felt and why I knew I was trapped in the body I was born with.

What made the most difference for me in feminizing myself has been the Transfemme pills and Bountiful Breast cream and that’s why I gave my photos and testimonial. I went to a doctor years ago and used female hormones and testosterone blockers for one year and there were some gains but they were very small. I was told, “that would be it without breast implants.” I surfed around on message boards and saw there were other ladies who also used Transfemme and got amazing results, the photos speak for themselves.

I also saw some other companies were promoting their businesses by trashing Transfemme and that and made me think, if these people spend their time attacking their competition they must have a lot to be worried about? Obviously Transfemme has been in business since 1996 and has the bulk of the market share that the newer companies are trying to steal. I think if you have a legitimate business you spend your time working on your customers and business.

I received a lot of moral support from the ladies who work at Transfemme, they went above and beyond helping me when I was down. This had nothing to do with their job duty, they actually became my friends because no one has to spend hours in personal dialog with a customer but they truly care about their customers, we are like a family.

The main difference I have seen using Transfemme pills and creams is female body fat distribution, bigger female breasts and areola and a soft, curvy all over body, my testosterone dropped and turned into estrogen. My skin also got softer too and I pass as being born female since I had vocal surgery done. Now I have a new life and new friends who accept me s the female I am and my old life is behind me 

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Christina - 2021 Update

I am a customer on the Transfemme Program and I would like to start off by saying, how amazing this is. When I took other breast enlargement and feminization supplements I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted? I got no results or extremely minimal results but not nearly what I am getting now using Transfemme.

I started searching the internet and doing intense research and came up with the site Transfemme. I called the number and spoke with a wonderful lady, Jules. Wow, Jules was so understanding and caring and listened while I shared my life story with her.

She helped answer all of my questions and told me how to get started and even helped me to stay in my budget. She really is an amazing lady to work with, take it from me I know.

I’m so happy to say the Transfemme products really have convinced me by 2000% that they are truly effective. Within my first 4 weeks I could already feel some tingling and soreness and sensitivity. I called Jules and told her and she said these are just signs that the TF Program is starting to work. After some 3 months I had already gained 1/2 cup size.

I could see Fuller, Firmer, Rounder and I even have a slight Lift to my breasts that I never had before. After some 6 months, I was even noticing that my hair was starting to grow. If you see my first video my hair was so short but it is really growing fast. Jules said something about the hair follicles. You can also see my “body” photo where it shows not only that I have gained some weight, but it really shows off my curves, my hips, butt, and thighs being larger.

I’ve never been so amazed by the BB Program. I can honestly say, at first, I never really thought that this would work, as I am sure you know we are all skeptic at first, seeing there are so many different products out there, but truly, this has been a blessing to me of what a wonderful program this has been and Jules helping me along with my progress and transformation.

Jules has been with me every step of the way and she still is. I’m not stopping the BB Program until I get to where I want to be. I’m just going to keep going and going and going.

I’m so blessed to have Transfemme as my family. Thank You for giving me the real woman I am today. I’m loving everything that’s been changing my looks.

What is so wonderful is that I can walk proudly down my street and people are noticing my new curves and even commenting. Thank you Transfemme, you’re truly a blessing that everyone should get started on. 

What also is so wonderful is you bring us live support. I know there is no company that does this because I was on different products and did not get even one question answered. Most don’t even have an email and if they do they don’t bother to respond back.

Jules also has shared a lot of her own personal tips with me that have really proven to work for me, and others from what I have read. You won’t be sorry that you got started. Look at me. I’m proof!”

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Cliffy - April 2021

I’m Cliffy, and this is my truthful review on the Booster pills and Bountiful Breast cream. 

I’m 78 years old and here’s my short review on how I went from an enlarged prostate and paranoia to a healthy 78-year-old. 

Firstly, I read testimonials that many of you are taking the Booster pills (Godiva) mainly for boosting your progress with breast enlargement and or genitals shrinkage.  I would like to keep my manhood, however, a little breast enlargement is okay.  I will have photos of me showing my breast size now, nothing too large, just right where I want them to be.

You see when I first set out for my research I was looking for a natural product to balance my hormones (Estrogen and Testosterone) and reading on about Transfemme I thought this would be the perfect start.  I also was hoping that balancing my hormones would help support my prostate as it was enlarged according to my Urologist and was quite worrisome.  I just was not feeling well and even had to quit driving a truck as I just could not focus and I had extreme paranoia.  Back in 2015, I called Transfemme and I got to speak with a lady Jules.  She was very caring and helpful and said “Cliffy, we have a product that will balance your hormones, give healthy and stronger estrogen and perhaps even help support your prostate, but you may gain some breast enlargement in the process, would this be okay with you”?.  I said “sure a little breast enlargement is okay as long as I don’t gain too much because that’s not really what I am looking for. I really just want to balance my hormones and reading on about the Booster pills it reads it does this.” Jules said, “you will be fine, you won’t gain too much breast enlargement as you would need to use our other products for optimum breast growth and by the way, we also had a customer, where his prostate was quite enlarged and fearful of prostate cancer, and after some 6 months of taking our Booster pills, his Urologist was amazed at how quickly his prostate was shrinking in size.  I said “Sure, Jules I am fine with a little breast enlargement and the Booster pills are exactly what I am looking for to get started. 

I ordered a few bottles as there was no way that I was going to start and take Testosterone boosters to shrink my prostate as my doctor recommended. There were just too many side effects of the drug. Well, I started to take the Booster pills (Godiva). I took 1 at 3 pm and 1 at 8 pm and slowly Jules increased me to take 2 at 3 pm and 2 at 8 pm. I also use the BB cream on my skin and not my breasts because it really helps to keep the skin soft and even helps with wrinkles for the face as Jules says she uses it on her face and other areas for wrinkles. 

NO way! I could not believe it, within about 3 months time my overall wellness is getting better, I can focus, I have self-control, I drive again, I can carry on a conversation, my mindset is there again, and as Jules promised my breasts have not enlarged too much. My hair is growing back, my nails are not as brittle or breaking as often and my body looks great.

You know what! I see my Urologist annually and I asked him in my last visit when should I come back and see him about my prostate and he said “When your arm breaks”. He also went on to tell me that at 78 years old, I have a prostate of a 30-year-old, that’s how small my prostate is now. I did show my Urologist the documents on the Booster pills that Jules sent me and he was amazed how well the Booster pills are doing because this is the only supplement I am taking nothing else for my hormones. Yes, today, I continue to take the Booster pills to keep my over wellness and my prostate small and I’m fine with my breast enlargement. 

Yes, I would recommend the Booster pills for anyone wanting to balance your hormones, have healthy estrogen and over wellness, and some breast enlargement.

I hope you find all of this helpful.

Thank you Transfemme and Jules for all your support and for the best product in the world that makes me feel like me again.

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis

Hello everyone my name is Miguel Hernandez and I joined the transfemme program a little more than a month ago and I have to say I’m very impressed with the Transfemme program.

I was flat-chested and nipples like toothpicks. And now just six weeks into the program do the Bundle to Go package, I have breasts and I am very happy. I now am wearing a sports bra.

Jules, I can’t wait to see how big they grow in three more months.

Thank you again, Jules and the transfemme Team for all your support, and Jules I love your personal tips.

 Update: I have been on Transfemme® for a year and have nice round C-cup breasts. I am now using the name Micki instead of Miguel. 

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Rhonda - 2021 Update

When I was a little boy I always wanted to be a girl. I dressed up as a little girl wearing my mom’s bras. I longed to have breasts my entire adult life. I will try to make a long story short for all who are reading my testimonial. I am 60 plus years old now and back in 1995 I surfed the internet and found out there was breast creams and pills for male breast enlargement. I tried some but had no results. This was a joke. I thought I invented a suction (breast pump) with homemade funnels and hoses and to my surprise it gave me small bumps. So cool to have this but still did not get the breasts I wanted.

It was back in the late 1990s where I called Avalon Essentials and spoke with a lady named Jules and she helped me get started with the program. I did have a problem where my body temperature was too low and despite everything we tried I just could not get my body temperature up. I was having some results but I just was not satisfied with what progress I was having.

So, I decided to play around more with herbs and then I started to take Estrogen and T blockers and all this really did for me was gain weight and no breast enlargement to speak of. All the weight gain went to my belly area and I call my belly “My Estrogen Belly” LOL I wasted so much time and so much money on everything that I still didn’t get any progress.

Yes, the Bountiful Breast and Transfemme pills are a little costly but in the long run it would of save me so much money if I would have just stayed working with Jules and I would have reached my goal at sooner. Anyway, I have come back to Avalon Essentials and Jules, our program consultant has got me on the program that fits my needs and wants. Jules is real sweetheart and advised me with her own personal tips that really worked for me, granted progress is somewhat slow but that’s because of my low body temperature as I said before is always low, but now taking the supplements she recommended and the Booster pills. If I can say since taking the Booster pills progress has been much quicker and I am patiently waiting for my Booster pills to come in.

The Booster pills are in such high demand that they seem to always be out of it LOL. Things are finally starting to pick up and my breasts are getting larger. I have been doing the Transfemme program to increase my breast size and to feminize myself which has been a life time dream of mine and I truly feel The Transfemme Program is working great for me. I massage with the BB Cream in the morning and I massage my hips and buttocks with the Transfemme cream. In the evening I do the same. The next day I massage with the Transfemme cream on my breasts and I massage the BB cream on my hips and buttocks so I alternate days using the creams on my breasts which seems to really help especially with Jules massaging techniques. 

Taking the BB pills, Transfemme pills, Booster pills and using the creams is really moving my progress along. I started out with no breast size and I now have a very full, round 42C cup and much more feminine areola. I am using the Transfemme cream on my testicles they are getting much smaller, my skin is so soft to touch and my emotions are changing and even experiencing hot sweats. If this is what you are looking for you better hang on for the ride because no products out there will give you instant results but with patience Transfemme can get where you want to be. Some people say it’s a trap. I guess you can say it is, but I would say not a trap, more like addictive. The more you do the program the more you want to keep on going and going. This will really make your feminization dreams come true because once you start feminizing the results are permanent!

I am so happy I am letting the feminine me out of my body and I feel so good about it. How long will I keep going? Not sure, hopefully my estrogen level takes over and I’ll have no control! Isn’t that what we all are dreaming for larger breasts and a more feminine body? Well this dream is coming true, even though a little late in life for me but I am really enjoying my changes. Having larger breasts has always been a dream of mine and I can’t believe it is finally coming true for me. 

Thank you Jules for all of your help and thank you for the breast enlargement pills and creams. These are truly the best products out there and worth every penny spent. There is so much on the web and the Transfemme program and the Bountiful Breast enlargement pills have such a good feedback and a high reputation. No doubt, after all Bountiful Breast enlargement pills have been around a long time now way before all of these other breast enlargement companies out there and Jules has been along for the ride for years. Why not give Jules a call and make your dream come true just like I am!

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Michelle - 2021 Update

I’m Michelle and I live in Pittsburgh PA.

I was very small when I first started out and miraculously I have grown very full breasts as you can see from my testimonial photos.

I have been on the BB/TF Program for 18 months now and in particular I really enjoy massaging my breasts with the BB Beautification cream, it goes on silky smooth and smells like roses. I follow Jules tips on the hydro-therapy massaging and exercising techniques that she does as well and it really helps to increase my breast size. It also has taken my breasts from the manly look I had for years and now more rounder and shapely. The Transfemme Program has also helped my nipples to point outwards. I’ve had little increase to my areola, but like Jules said we have to keep in mind this is a breast enlargement company and our BB program does just that, everything else we get is just a plus. Although many do see their areolas increase at some point; hopefully I will be one of them eventually.

I want everyone to know that the results have been much greater than I ever expected!

If you are seeking a very safe, reliable and high-end result in male-to-female Breast Enlargement, please contact Jules at Transfemme! Keep in mind she was also a customer years ago with good results.

Jules, the BB Advisor has advised and instructed me from Day One in my Transformation Process.

I am looking forward to continuing the Transfemme Program.

Again, I cannot say enough good things about the TF/BB Program, it’s just Awesome! I love my results and my new feminine body!

Take a look at my video on the Transfemme website.

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Kaycee - 2020

Dear Transfemme,

I have always wanted to feel like a female, especially in the breast department. I always wanted to have breasts, and when I found your website, I called and was put in touch with Julie. Julie is such a helpful and great person to talk with. She makes you feel so comfortable. Julie told me what all was in the pills, and what to results I may expect and in what time frame this would happen.

I received the pills quickly, started on your program about four years ago, I took the pills for the first couple of months, I began to notice my areolea had increased in size from somewhat from a dime size to a bit bigger than a quarter size or perhaps even a bit bigger.

I took the BB pills for about two years and have gone from nothing to a B cup size breast in just over 1 year. I love the feeling. Also, when I was taking the BB pills, I noticed my body hair slowed down and I didn’t need to shave or wax as often, and also my fingernails grew faster and also stronger.

Now, you should know I have been off of the BB pills for about two years now, and oddly as it may sound, I have even grown a bit bigger when I stopped taking them. Julie said that some customers do experience this where even after they stopped taking the BB pills they experience a little more growth for months later.

After considerable thought Julie helped me to decide to donate my testimonial to all of you T-Girls out there who are wanting what I have wanted for years. She told me because I have had results their policy is they give free pills for a period of up to 3 years. So, I have decided to post my testimonial up on the website. I am a little shy to show my face, as I am sure you would be too, but this is all me, Kaycee, a very proud user of the BB program. My goal is to reach a C cup from the B cup I am now.

I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to increase their breast size. Really what have you got to lose, nothing, but everything to gain.

Julie you are the best, thank you all for your support.

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Valerie Noelle - 2019

My bra fitting guides: seeing as the only bras i have are double push up, I will need to get new bra’s, with your advice I can measure myself, get a new bra and make a short blog post about tips and tricks from that experiance, same goes for clothing possibly, considering my body is now even curvier than before.

My Video blog: including my daily transfemme program and what pills and shakes I take through my day.

I will be doing a boudoir shoot with makeup done by an artist I know to compare what was, to what could be.

My goal is when someone sees me they instantly think of your pills and how DRAMATIC the change can be.

I love what Transfemme is doing for me so far. The world should know there is no other alternative but to take Transfemme.

Jules has put together an effective program involving BB pills / Booster pills / and alternating one day with BB cream and the next with TF cream and she has some real effective massaging techniques among other tips she has shared with me that really do work!

So what are you all waiting for, call Jules and love your new look!

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Juliana - 2019

Dear Avalon Essentials and Julie,

I wish to thank you for being my advisor and for helping me in develop my boobs through your live support, your advise on Hydrotherapy-massaging techniques, Protein shake and many other tips through live support.

The wonderful thing in my case is I have achieved results while being on the BB/ Transfemme Program this started in just less than one months time. I love the TF and BB creams/Pills. I have been on the program for some 6 months now and love the way my breasts are developing and how my body is already starting to take a shape of a female. The BB program has been amazing for me.

My Breast shape is excellent and looks just like a woman’s breasts, I really enjoy it‏. This is a great feeling, thanks and all credit goes to Julie.

I have used many other products in past, but no success‏.

I had to stop applying BB cream on my buttocks, since they started growing fearfully faster than my expectations.‏ I could start feeling the growth within just 4 days, just unbelievable. I am more than satisfied‏!

Just wish to share something more.

1. Daily Routine Procedure:
After applying cream, prior going to sleep, I spray little water inside Bra to keep it little wet and the results are amazing.‏ While taking out bra in the morning, I see fully grown breasts and any little movement of my body it vibrates up and down, a great feeling.

2. Another awesome idea to enhance the process. (I should be rewarded for this idea)
Use of BB cream in an effective manner. Before going to bed at night, apply BB cream on your breast as usual and do casual massaging for warming up. Then cover the entire breast with a thick layer of BB cream (do not massage). Wear your full size bra and try to press your breast from either side in a way to get maximum portion of your breasts into bra. make your bra little wet with normal water.

Keep hot air massage bag over the breast and adjust the temperature to moderate and cover it with the blanket, leave it for one hour or preferably overnight. The hot air will gently heat the bra and subsequently the BB cream applied over your breast and this will react effectively with your skin throughout night.

In the morning when you get up, you will find that the entire bra is filled with firm breasts and you will see a considerable increase in your breast size, a firm fully grown breast with strong nipples. Do this experiment on daily basis for a week and enjoy a faster way to increase your breast size. I have done this experiment myself and would like to share with all the clients without any expectation or rewards. 

Thanks a million to Julie and the TF estrogen cream and BB cream and pills! – These are magic product!.

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Victoria M - 2019

Hello, My name is Victoria. Around 4 years ago, I started using Transfemme after wanting to feminize my body my entire life. It was something I truly did not feel was possible. But after doing some research and spending many nights wondering if this was right for me and talking with a couple friends. They decided for my birthday to buy me the pills I couldn’t shut up about. After taking the pills first day, I had no idea the almost complete transformation to womanhood that would change not only my body, but my mind and way I live on an everyday basis.

I followed all instructions as they were given, Also making sure to drink a couple protein shakes throughout the day as I knew it would help my now changing body. When starting the pills, I was so anxious to finally have an hourglass shape and full breasts, that many of the first changes being mental took me by a great surprise. The first month and a half was slow, I knew things were changing and they were speeding up by the day. By the end of the second month I could tell the path I was taking was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. At the end of the second month my skin was so much smoother and softer than it had ever been. Any acne I had on my body was gone. Simply running my hands up and down the soft skin on my arms and legs was always enough to bring the biggest smile to my face.

It was happening, I was becoming a woman.. And I started to feel like it. Softer skin, while being an amazing change in itself, paled in comparison to the biggest effect I had noticed. My mind. I had become such a more emotional driven person. Taking myself and others feelings into consideration had become much more important to me than it ever had been. I was crying more because things effected me on a much more personal level. I could relate to others easier and was able to share my thoughts and feeling on such a more intense level, and it was showing. Friends who had known me my whole life, suddenly felt I was acting more womanly than even themselves at times. I was still living as a man, but the woman on the inside was coming out and soon would be GROWING out of the somewhat androgynous body I had always had.

Fast forward to six months on transfemme and it was starting to become hard to hide the effects that were taking place all over my body. I had resorted to wearing baggier clothes to hide the new curves that were showing up. Knowing what was hiding under those clothes also started to get harder not to show off, Changes I had wanted and dreamt about my whole life were taking place and I couldnt yet show the world my progress. My face had changed at this point, My cheeks and lips both seemed fuller and my face more round overall. I had gained about 7 pounds since starting Transfemme and it seemed to have all went to the appropriate places. Getting called ma’am while out in public in “boy mode” started to happen more and more, A sign that perhaps my days as a man were slowing fading and the femininity I was feeling started to radiate on the outside even when I wasn’t trying. All because of Transfemme. It was at this point I took the plunge and decided to buy my first bra from Victoria Secret, I was measured at a 35B, that with the right push up bra created some fairly decent cleavage. But I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted to properly fill out that bra and knew in time I would.

At month six growth on my breasts had stalled, I remained the same 35B that i was happy with. But other parts of my body decided they want to speed up growth faster than I could’ve guessed. One morning while trying to put the same baggy pants on i usually wore I could no longer zip or button them properly. I used to need a belt to hold these pants up and now I could’t even button them. The reason why this was would soon show. I had kept up with how my body was changing but with so many changes happening so fast I couldn’t keep up with all of them. I had focused on my breasts whose growth seemed to stall I didn’t notice quite the lower body I had. After an awkward morning of trying to make pants fit that clearly didn’t match my body I had enough. I called a friend who was nice enough to go with me for my next big event. My first female pants and outfit.

Looking through all the female pants I could tell they seemed to match the wide hips and thighs I now had, With ample space for my new rear. While not knowing exactly what I was looking for, I grabbed a pair of jeans that were going to be a bit looser and she grabbed a tighter pair.She convinced me to try her choice on first and when I put those pants on, I instantly began to cry. They had fit perfectly, It felt as if they were designed exactly for my body and the best part is they came from the women section. I was getting there, My mind radiated with femininity, My body once androgenous now curvy and dare I say.. Sexy. Looking in a mirror for the first time in women jeans, I could not believe the slim waist that tapered to my now wide hips. Those wide hips that upon turning around showed the cutest booty that I almost refused to believe was mine. After trying those pants on, it all became real. I decided not to hide anymore, I kept the jeans on and we decided to complete the outfit. I had gotten a new push up bra that maintained the 35B I was measured at but after getting a new top that was a bit lowered cut, Here I was dressed completely as female out in public. Not only that, I was passing, Men were staring as we walked past, I felt confident, I felt sexy, I felt like a woman. It had only been almost seven months and my goal was in reach.

At the end of seven months my body has continued to take on an hourglass shape. But my breasts had still stalled at my 35B. I decided to send an email to Transfemme asking if I was to expect anymore growth in my breasts that would match the rest of the amazing growth I had across the rest of my body. They had mentioned taking a look at my diet, So it is at that point I refocused myself on my goal body, Ordered more transfemme and decided I was going to have the breasts I wanted, I just knew it would take more time. I started becoming serious about protein shakes and what I was putting into my body and it was showing. The 35B bra’s I almost filled out, After a couple months I was now spilling out of. At a year and 4 months I was a full C cup with the body I could have only dreamed of, And I was more happy than ever before. Sadly I ran into financial issues that led me to be unable to order more Transfemme. I was devastated and scared I would lose all the amazing results on had on their product. But upon reading the website. It mentioned most males after being on Transfemme for an extended period of time kept the female hormone levels they had. In some cases the body actually had another growth spurt. It would take awhile but that growth spurt would soon be coming my way.

It was almost at the one year and 8 month mark, I had been off Transfemme for almost 6 months but all my amazing results remained. My body was now on its own taking testosterone and converting it to estrogen. I still felt like a woman but started to wonder if things would revert back before Transfemme. I was still 2 more months away from starting Transfemme again, But I guess my body was ready for my changes. At one year and 9 months my chest became extremely sore. More So than ever before. It had always been a bit sore but knowing it was because my chest was about to develop breasts always seems to ease that. They began growing again, This time without actually being on Transfemme. I was shocked and amazed but fully accepting of my added fullness. By the time i started Transfemme again, I was on the cusp of being a D. something i refused to believe that little me could have such an ample bust-line. But after that first week of being on Transfemme, I had a rush come over my entire body my body finally got the pills It needed to continue the rest of the growth it wanted to accomplish.

At 2 and a half years I decided to get measured again, all my pretty C cup bra’s were tight, While getting measured my heart was racing, This was the moment I had waited two years to have. The moment where I had achieved the curvy body and bustline I had always wanted. I waited patiently as she measured me. I had told her coming in that she could make my day by telling me I needed new bra’s. She finished, Smiled at me and said” Hunny, I measure you at a 36D, time for new bra’s” I was ecstatic, I couldn’t help but cry in happiness knowing that a journey that started by researching Transfemme, Became into a complete transition to womanhood. I have now lived full time as a woman for almost three entire years. My body is in the best shape it ever has been. All because I took the Transfemme pills, followed the instructions and let my body develop. It took a long time, and I will admit I myself was impatient at times almost giving up. But if you give the pills proper time and take care of your body during. You will be amazing at the feminization of your entire body and mind that can occur. Transfemme changed my life, it took the unsure androgynous self I had been and blossomed my body into the beautiful woman I feel I am today. As you can see after being on the BB Program for almost 4 years I am so happy to say I have increased my breasts to a full C cup and my buttocks have rounded out and my waistline got smaller. You can see my before, during and now photo. I have since stopped the BB Program as I am happy where I am. Don’t be afraid. Transfemme works. It worked better than I ever could have imagined. Those pills changed my life, Let it change yours. 

P.S. Make sure you check your body temperature that was part of my problem. Jules will help you with anything you need. Just don’t be afraid to ask!

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
Alana - 2019

I started the program approx a month and a half ago. I started out just about completely flat and as you can see, I now have some growth. It is not much, however, I know that TransFemme is the product for me. You can really get results with this program. I am a biological male and i have tried other methods before and nothing has worked until now.

I have been speaking with Julie, who has helped make me feel so comfortable on the program. She really understands us T-girls. She is very supportive. I did try some herbal stuff from the Phoenix Project but did not have very good results.

If there is anything that I can do to help out you T-girls out there, I have provided my email address. However, please don’t expect me to reply back every day. I will do my best.

All the best!

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis

Hello there my name is Trisha,

First of all I would like to that Jules so much for all your help and tough questions I have had. I feel like I have made an attachment with a new friend, thanks love you and your product. Well, this is my testimonial.

When I started out I was a small a cup, now after three months I fit into a full c cup bra. Well I started as an a just kind of playing around and stuff like some of the others, it was amazing I started noticing results after about two or three weeks, and my bra was getting tight. So I went to the store and tried on some A bras and to my surprise I filled it out quite nicely. I have always worn my hair pretty long it has been down to my shoulders and stuff but I noticed that it grew a little more in length and also got thicker, thick enough to where I could layer it and that’s what I did. my skin is a huge improvement it got smoother and softer along with the hair getting more and more finer and not growing back as fast. my finger nails grow faster, and look much better no more acrylics for me!!!!.

I have also noticed a loss in weight and some muscle, and now my shoulders are less broad now. more of like a woman’s figure. well not too long ago I was getting worried why my clothing was not fitting anymore everything was like different, so I called Bountiful Breast and talked to the very nice Jules and asked her why? she told me that the chemical make up has changed in my body to more female that means more estrogen and that I have taken on the hourglass figure of a biological woman. she told me that my hips thighs and butt have probably gotten rounder and lifted and just completely changed. I went to the store that day and got fitted for a dress and I wear a size 8 fits like a glove and I purchased some jeans, shorts, and skirts. so I called Jules the next day and told her that I took her advice, the woman’s clothes fit perfect and that she also said that I would have to wear women’s clothes from now on. as I have been talking to Jules on the phone she said to me that my voice sounds very much like a woman maybe my voice had changed I don’t know. I also told her that I am thinking about having a sex change operation and become a female completely, she was very supportive of me on that note thanks so much Jules…i have found that the best results have come from taking two pill a day spaced out. I am in the process of changing my name to be a female name to suit me better. once again thanks so much, and thank you Jules…….

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis

After being off the Transfemme natural breast enlargement pills for 9 months my breasts are maintaining at a 38D, there is no shrinkage or sagging! I now intend to go back on Transfemme to go from my present 38-D cup that I have attained to a 40D or DD, as I have a large frame. I love what Transfemme has done for me so much that I recommend it to all my genetic girl friends that want to know how I developed my full, round, firm breast’s (a little jealousy maybe)?

I also maintain a transgender counseling and resource website. Offering caring support to the ts/tg community. I designed this site in an effort to help others who have to face the same issues I have.

I am a post-op m/f transsexual. I am 72 years old and have been On estrogen and progesterone for 8 years. There was some natural breast development from the use of the female hormones, but hardly enough to fill a 38-A bra.

I started using the Transfemme pills approximately 10 months ago and after several months, stopped, with an increase in breast size to a tight 38-B cup. Upon returning from Belgium this January, and my reassignment surgery, I sent for another 3 months supply and have just finished this bottle and am now a very snug 38-C cup. I intend to continue the use of these wonderful pills for another 3 months supply and fully expect to be a 38-D cup at the end of this period. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone in the trans-gendered M/F area instead of implants. I have tried a lot of breast enlargement regimes in the past and this is the only one that REALLY WORKS!

Know that you can transition later in life, it is never too late to be your authentic self!

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis

Hi this is Shandra, I wanted to say I was proved wrong!

I thought these breast enhancers were all the same. After researching website after website, I finally chose this one.

If you notice (guys) how many other websites have male testimonials?? I originally began talking with Grace, she discussed that these pills were effective on males (which I am by the way). As every one else I was skeptical still, so I bought one months supply.

Well within one week I could feel some weird pains and feelings. My nips began to widen 1/4 inch, chest began to itch within first month!! I know, just imagining right?

Well I decided one way to see my progress was to get a bra, I bought a 36 b bra. It was the right size around (36) but the cups (yea right).

So….Today I am 2.5 months into my pills and you know that bra, well It’s not empty now…I know seeing is believing so I have some pics to prove it.

One nice thing besides the upper is the lower starting to round out, softer skin and less frequent shaving!! I would recommend If you were discouraged with other natural (ENHANCERS) notice this bottle says ENLARGEMENT, TRY THIS ONE!!!

Liz and Jules are great to talk to. I’m not gonna say how big I’ll get, but you will hear about it.  I am enjoying my new glamorous and feminine self.

Transfemme is the way to go!

Good Luck and thank you!

testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis
testimonials,transfemme,mtf breast growth hypnosis,forced feminization,breast growth hypnosis

I just want to let you all know that I am having progress, but I am one that seems to be taking a little slower than most. I am definitely noticing the changes Jules told me would happen. I am extremely satisfied so far. Yes, at first I was skeptical about whether the products would actually work but after sticking to Jules’s daily regimen that Jules put together for me, for just one month I have noticed breast development. Sadly, I ran out of products about a week or two ago. After seeing the results I am getting, I will definitely be ordering more in the next week or two. I am now going to be increasing my dosage to see what more breast development I can get. I’m only looking for breast enlargement and if you too are looking for breast enlargement the Transfemme Program is for you.

Thank you, Jules and Transfemme for making me a believer.

Date: February 18, 2021

- Juana

Hello, everyone, I’m Markel, who was looking for breast enlargement naturally without surgery. I can’t believe the incredible results I’m getting with the Bountiful Breast pills, Booster pills, Transfemme cream, and the Bountiful Breast cream.

At first, I was a little skeptical, but Jules helped me feel more positive and after a couple of months I have rounder and very noticeable breasts and amazing cleavage. The cups of my bras are starting to fill out too where I am noticing on top of my breasts they are fuller than ever before.

Thank you, Jules and the Transfemme Team. Yes, Jules, I recommend everyone to try the Transfemme Program and stop wasting money on all of the useless herbs and harmful hormones.

Kisses all around.

Date: February 5, 2021

- Markel

Hello everyone and especially Jules. Things are going well for me…mostly amazing. I am so pleased. My Titties are doing well …. should easily have A-B cups by summer. I am going to love showing off this summer. My genitals and Fannie are my biggest accomplishment. I have reduced my balls by about 40% with my penis the same. SO HAPPY. I am 100% sitting to pee now. WOW!!! So proud. With supplements, Transfemme, and now Bountiful, my Fannie has softened and round out. My husband sends you a BIG thank you too. I’ll get progress pics together and report back soon. You all are the best.

Date: February 1, 2021

- Donna

I am 18 and I want to be castrated. I love Transfemme, my breasts are already bigger, rounder and womanly. I am definitely on my way to being fully feminized which is my ultimate goal 🙂

Thanks for the great product that lives up to the hype I have read on the message boards.

- Dillon

So far, so good. I started off with flat male breasts, I am now a small round B cup and happily filing out my Victoria’s Secret bras. My breasts are sore and my nipples are more sensitive and larger. Good stuff! I’ll be giving this a shot for a year to see how far I can get.

I am glad can get grow breasts without getting on drugs, seeing a doctor, and being labeled in some database for the rest of my life that ends up who knows where? My privacy is very important to me. If I want to enjoy having breasts and cross-dressing that is my personal business.

Thank you for the great support and products, you have been very helpful!

- Drew

Dear Transfemme,

I just wanted to drop you a note on how much I have enjoyed the results of your product. In just over 9 months I have gone from a relatively flat 36A to a full C!

Let me begin by saying I am not sure where I fit in with your testimonial group. I am a 33 year old post operative transsexual, BUT I am also one of about 50 who have had an experimental ovarian and uterine transplant as well.

So I am functionally a woman now in every sense of the word. Therefore, I do feel I fit in with the female testimonials.

Anyway, after years of synthetic hormones, and numerous surgeries to finally get to the gender I have always felt I was born, and now making my own female hormones from the transplants. I was not ready to have more surgery by having implants placed. In addition to not looking natural, the risks just seemed to outweigh the benefits of implants, but I was still 5’8” and a flat 36A. While happy just to have some breast growth, I was just like any other woman and wanted more cleavage than just a padded or push-up bra provides.

Therefore, I looked at many different web sites on various breast enhancement products. After looking at the BountifulBreast site, and e-mailing some prior users of the Transfemme products, and reviewing the ingredients with my GYN, I decided that Transfemme would offer the best hope of any breast enhancement pill.

As I said, I am amazed by the results. Typically the skeptic, I had my doubts as to if it would work. I started Transfemme in Jan 2001, and for the first 6 weeks or so I thought my skepticism was right. All I noticed was some tingling in the nipple region but nothing in the way of growth. I spoke with Grace and Elizabeth who both reassured me to continue and not be discouraged. I stuck with the Transfemme pills and my protein shakes and after about the 2 month mark just started to bloom! In addition to actual breast growth, my nipples have grown both in size and sensitivity. As most transsexuals know we do not often get large nipple growth from the synthetic estrogens we take when first starting transition. So this was a wonderful effect from the Transfemme. By the time I ended the 3rd month of Transfemme I was filling out a slightly padded 36B, and as I said by the 9th month I was a FULL 36C!

I enjoyed my growth so much I went on a binge at Victoria’s Secret. My boyfriend, who is now my husband, has also enjoyed the results of your fine product.

I have also noticed, and not sure if it is a benefit or my body just getting used to my new organs, but my periods do seem lighter and less painful as well.

I had planned on sending photos but my computer crashed just prior to writing this, and I lost all my scanned pictures, but as soon as my scanner is running I will get them too you.

Again, thank you so much for your product

- Cheryl Norvanski

Dear Transfemme,

I am a 32 year old, married man for the last ten years. Six months ago I discovered Transfemme on the internet. I have always felt that I should have been female and I do have a feminine sounding male voice.

I was flat as a board before I started using your product, and I have never used any female hormones. I ordered a three month supply of Transfemme, after using your breast enlargement pills for 3 weeks I started to see results. By the end of 3 months I was a 38C, which is amazing! My breasts are very curvy and my nipples are getting big. All of a sudden I just blossomed. My hips are rounder and my butt is a little bigger. I have softer skin on my face and my body. My breasts even show through a baggy sweat shirt.

I did not tell my wife I was trying to enlarge my breasts in the beginning. When she noticed my breasts were growing she asked me, “what was happening?” I told her I was taking Transfemme and she was OK with it. Luckily for me we have kind of switched roles. I stay home as the “housewife” now and she goes to work, she also calls me by a female name.

My current breast size is between a 38C and 38D, my bras are getting tight again so it is time for me to go bra shopping soon. I also go to the beauty salon to get my hair and nails done, and I have made a lot of new female girlfriends there. I must be a lucky person because everyone has been very accepting and supportive of my new life as a female.

I am very glad I have found Transfemme, it has changed by life. I have not had to take any estrogen which is dangerous and requires blood tests and monitoring from a doctor. I have been able to become more feminine in the privacy of my own home, without being exposed to medical personnel and having my private life exposed and documented in a medical file.

I also want to tell everyone how wonderful the staff at Transfemme are. They have spent a lot of time with me explaining everything and they really care. Most importantly to me in the beginning, they made special shipping arrangements for my product to be delivered when my wife was not home. The billing and shipping are also handled discreetly so one knows what is being ordered.

I am leaving my name off this testimonial for privacy. My wife will not let me send in any photos but I would like to.

- Betty

Dear Transfemme, I am a transgender male, 28 years old, who has always wanted to have breast. For my last birthday, some friends ordered Transfemme, almost as a joke because I talked about having boobs so much.

I didn’t expect much but took the tablets anyway. I didn’t notice anything for a few weeks but then thought I felt some tenderness and swelling. In the back of my mind I thought it was just wishful thinking.

But by about the fourth month, the change in my nipples and areolas was unmistakable. My areolas went from dime-sized to 1 3/4 inches across. I also started getting some fullness. After five months, I wear a 36A bra. That doesn’t sound like much, but for me it’s wonderful. Also, I’m very thin, 5-9, 132 pounds, so that makes them a little more noticeable. I’d like to reach a D cup someday and plan to keep taking the tablets.

Thanks again.

By the way, Elizabeth who answers the phone is wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate her help.

- Terri Celdon

Dear Transfemme, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product. After taking the pills for 3 months there is “BIG” increase in my breast size. I should tell you my story.

I am a man whom is married. All my life I have had larger breasts due to being big. My breasts although larger were not developed. Their size was due to my weight. I have had a desire to have larger fuller breasts for a very long time. If you were to measure my chest my breast would be approximately 1-2 inches larger than my chest but they would not fill out a bra cup as they were not developed.

I came across your web site one day and after doing a little research decided to purchase your product. It turns out to be the best thing I have done in a long time.

Upon getting my Transfemme breast pills I started taking them as directed. I also started drinking the protein shakes as I read about. At first I did not think anything was happening. After the first 2 weeks I noticed that my nipples were getting tender. This was very noticeable in bed at night.

During the next few weeks my breasts were itching. It about drove me crazy. I had read on your web site that this was a common occurrence and that it was a sign my breasts were growing.

I decided not to measure my breasts until after the 3 months of pills were taken. This way I could see any changes at once in the measurements. The day after taking the last pill I had my wife measure me. To our surprise I had grown 4 inches. We had both noticed my breasts were getting bigger but this was even better than I had hoped for. Imagine being having D cups after all the years of wanting larger breasts. Not only did my breast grow out they got larger around also. I completely fill out a 48D bra now when only 3 months prior I would put the bra on and there was a lot of loose material in the cups.

My wife likes the changes also. She thinks it great now she can play with my breasts like I do hers.

I have not decided if I want to restart taking the pills as I like the size I am. My breasts are firm and round. Being any bigger might be too much of a problem.

Again thank you for a wonderful product. Please let any one know I would be happy to tell them my story.

- Andy Colby

Dear Transfemme,

I am sending you this letter to let you know how wonderful your product works on men. Yes, that’s right I am male and I have been on the Transfemme product for 3 months and I have had awesome results.

When I first started using Transfemme I was just experimenting, to my surprise I started seeing results in just 3 short weeks. I started noticing a definite rounding and a significant increase in volume. By the end of the first month I was an actual A cup. I mean I went to the store purchased an A cup bra and to my surprise I filled it out quite nicely.

I then started getting a little nervous about how quickly they were blossoming. But of course as any woman(man) would be I was also very excited so I continued taking Transfemme daily as directed and by the end of the second month I was almost a small B cup. I decided that a B cup would be perfect for me so I kept taking Transfemme for another month so I could become a full B cup which to my surprise at the end of 3 months. I was a full B cup and I also started noticing a slight rounding of my hips which I didn’t think was much to worry about.

After 3 months I stopped taking Transfemme because I had achieved my desired size and to my surprise my chest or should I say now my boobs decided they weren’t through growing! I gained another full inch in 1 month after being off the pills and my hips were still getting rounder. So by now I was really getting nervous because everything was still growing even after being off the Transfemme. I then called Grace at Transfemme and what a sweetheart she is. I explained to her what was happening and she said my body chemistry was changing and I had actually acquired the hormone levels of a woman. She explained that Transfemme has a shut off time but my body still thinks it is female so it is still acting female and she instructed me to call back in 2 weeks if I was still growing.

So 2 weeks later I called Grace back and told her I was still growing but I now had a bigger problem my clothes just didn’t fit me anymore no matter how hard I tried to make them. She told me to try on a pair of women’s jeans and I couldn’t believe it but they fit perfectly. I called her back and told her they fit and she explained that I now had a woman’s figure and would have to start wearing women’s clothes all the time because that is all that would fit me, but to my real surprise by this time I was a full C cup! My chest is still tender so i really don’t know when they will stop growing but Grace told me just to have fun with it so I did. I went out and was fitted for a dress and I now perfectly fill out a size 8 dress. I completely fill out the top and I have awesome cleavage now. I didn’t know exactly what to do but I came to the conclusion after talking to the wonderful Grace that if I had a woman’s body which I now do I would have to become a woman and I now have and I have never been happier!

So take it from me this product does what it says and more! I started out just playing around and I now look 100% feminine. This is not exactly what I wanted but that is what it did. I mean I look feminine, and now that I have the chemical make up of a woman I feel feminine and I love it!

- Stephanie

Dear Transfemme,

I think that it is a wonderful idea that you have, now I am interested in the reversal pill just to see what you have to say about it. I cannot see why a man would want to take this product, go through the changes and then try to reverse them. I am guessing it is mainly to restore testosterone levels to the male state since Transfemme is definitely changing my levels to those of a woman. Here is my testimony.

I had taken herbal supplements before to try to expand my breast growth but nothing ever worked for me…I found Transfemme on the web and decided to try it.

They told me my body would do the changes itself while on the product whereas the herbals I had taken could not induce that. Now I understand exactly what they meant by my body doing the work, I just did not expect it so fast.

I began using Transfemme because I really wanted to have a more feminine figure. I took the product and saw results after only two weeks. I began at an A cup but it was due to my pectoral muscles and they had a wedge shape to them like most men. After two weeks I measured at a 38B cup and my breasts were really soft but still a bit wedged.

I talked with Grace and she suggested that I go off Transfemme for about a week to see if I would still grow as it seemed I was. My hips had not formed but my rear had bubbled a bit more and it was noticeable.

I took Grace’s advice and stayed off for a week (now at six days) and my breasts got a bit more tender and now they are round, still a bit spongy but getting a bit firm. I am getting excited because Grace said that my breasts would round out first and firm before they grew outward. I now measure at 38 3/4 band and 39 3/4 over the nipple. My areola have spread about 1/4 of an inch as well. I will start back up on Transfemme again tomorrow.

Some other changes I noticed over the past week. My skin is so much softer now, even though I always had soft hands and skin it has become a bit more softer than before. My facial hair is not growing as fast. I usually have a dark shadow after a full day of work but now the shadow is very light and the hair is not as coarse as before.

Another thing that is impressing me is my head. I have been seeing that my hair grows a bit faster in the areas where it was prominent and now seems to be growing back in the areas where I thought I was balding. My hair is getting thicker and doing it faster.

My nails are growing faster as well. I had to have them cut down to almost nothing when I took the acrylics off and in just two days they have grown back to just past my fingertips.

I like what Transfemme has done for me. I fully enjoy the fact that my hormone levels have shifted and the fact that my breasts itch and tingle at times makes me excited at what I am about to become. I feel a bit more feminine and really enjoy wearing the bras the I have purchased. I plan on purchasing different clothing in the coming months. Thank-you Transfemme for the change you have allowed in my life that even synthetic hormones could not achieve before.

Thank-you Transfemme and your staff for the prompt responses to email and for Grace and the time she takes answering my questions on the phone. You have an amazing product and the results are obvious and should speak for themselves.

- Richelle

I just had to write and tell you some wonderful news. WOW…

I know it might not sound like a lot of size increase but to me, it is awesome. I wasn’t even going to measure myself again until 3 months had gone by but I kept noticing that I seemed to be getting bigger. I thought it was just wishful thinking, but the more I looked I knew I must of grown at least some.

Before I started TF I was Chest 33-3/4 in. Bust line was 34-1/4. Now almost 1 month later, I measure Chest 34-1/4 and Bust line is 35 in. They are getting a beautiful round shape more and more all the time. I am sure as they become fuller and firmer they will grow out more and more. But from what I see so far…I love them and I am so excited I had to tell you that Transfemme is amazing. I am just so thankful to you Jules, you are an amazingly wonderful person. Thank you so much.

- David

Here’s my story ….

It’s been a strange journey …. my girlfriend was complaining to me that her breasts were too small. Well, I did some research and found a few products … two of which were BountifulBreast and Transfemme. I opted for a less expensive herbal product, but continued to visit the BountifulBreast and Transfemme website and forums. I was captivated by the testimonials that men could grow breasts from taking the Transfemme product. I finally gave in and tried TF for a month …. Well, I was surprised to see changes in my chest in just a few days …. I continued to take my TF pills (at 6/day) for 2-1/2 weeks (until the product was gone). At this point my areola had expanded to nearly 1 inch across (about double their original size), but I had no development beneath my nipples.

Well, my Transfemme pills ran out and I didn’t get a second supply …. About a month later my girlfriend’s BE pills also ran out (her nipples and areola got much larger, but she still had no additional breast volume) …. I contacted Jules and she convinced me to purchase a 6-month supply (four for me and three for my girlfriend — as I got a free month with the order). I started back taking my Transfemme pills (2 with breakfast and 2 with lunch) …. I did this for nearly six weeks and then noticed that my right breast had begun to bud (I had a hard, painful, nodule developing beneath my right areola) …. I was shocked (to say the least) …. I couldn’t believe that this would happen (to me) …. I was excited and also suddenly scared (what was I thinking ??? how could I do this to myself ???) — I know I read all the warnings, but I just always knew that this wouldn’t work —- boy, was I wrong !!!! (My girlfriend’s breasts have gotten larger too!)

After a few days of serious reflecting (too little, too late?), I decided that I was done taking the Transfemme pills — I was happy with my development, but didn’t want to be a “guy with breasts” …… At this point, I was still able to go unnoticed (I didn’t look any different than any other guy who developed as a teen then stopped as testosterone finally took over) ….. Well, its six weeks later now but things have not stopped “developing” … I guess my left breast wasn’t happy that it hadn’t budded yet, so it did !!! I’m now looking for the reversal pill to try to stop before its too late ….. I can’t believe that Transfemme works … I know that the forums are filled with doubters — I was one of them once ….. but not anymore …..

- Mike

Hi I am Chris, Massachusetts, I am a pre-opt trans-sexual, age 30 looking to feminize my body, as well, I will be scheduled soon for the Sexual Re-assignment Surgery.

Anyway, let me tell you my story. I had surfed the web sometime ago where I came across different products. I tried many products that were marketed on the website, and found none to give me the results that I was searching for, but, you can be reassured that every product I bought emptied my checking account. Well, after trying all these products I lost all hope and basically decided to go the breast implant route. I was too frightened to go under the knife, and then decided to surf the web one more time, where I came across the Transfemme website. The first time I came across Transfemme I was totally skeptical about what I read, and basically wanted to do more research to see if there was a product that would fit more into my budget. I did find other products that were within my budget, but unfortunately, I was not totally convinced of theirs giving me the results I was looking for where I would feel that I would get 100% satisfaction, as well as permanent results. Most products require maintenance, restrictions to diet, no caffeine, no alcohol, and the list goes on. I again went to the Transfemme website to review the testimonials and facts about their product one more time. I was totally impressed with the testimonial and photos there. Every other website has no photos and testimonials to read about. I was especially impressed that Transfemme gives permanent results and requires no maintenance after completing the program, nor are there any restrictions to what you eat, drink, caffeine, or exercising. So, I finally decided to make the call to Transfemme where a lady Jules answered the phone and was very polite in answering all my questions which made me quite comfortable to place an order. As time went on while I was on the program, I kept in contact with Jules where she became a very supportive breast enlargement adviser to me and as well became my best buddy. She is funny and has a great sense of humor and is a definitely “a trip”. Whenever I would call Jules she would be very supportive and patient in answering all my 110 questions. Before I started the Transfemme program I had no breasts to speak of, now I have gained 1 cup size in just 5-6 months time, as well my buttocks have begun to round out. Because I am so pleased of my transition and satisfied with my results. If you are a male who wants to transform your body into a female this product is for you! I recommend strongly that you try Transfemme and become part of their family tree as I have. You won’t regret it!!! Good luck to all!!!

- Chris Jones

I am a male user who has been on TF for about one year. I can say it definitely does work! I have gone from a 38 to 40.5 across the nipples. My hips are a little bigger ( I didn’t know to measure at the start), my nipples have tripled in size and my cuticles of my finger nails have receded giving a longer appearance and I fill out a 38 a bra. My baldness is starting to go away as well.

I know this doesn’t sound like much, but I give plasma twice a week, so it reduces the effectiveness of anything I take to about 50%. also as a result of plasma my blood protein is at around 7, whereas, most people on the TF system with protein shakes are probably at about 12-14. in short I have the results that some would have in about six months time. I can’t say that I have a lot of ‘size’ but I was expecting “34b” size breasts, which I thought would look nice and yet be able to hide if I had too – what I see is in proportion too my frame size. i have firmness and the start of what could be 38 c or d when they fill out. i plan to continue another year (’cause my body responds slower) but will try to get my temperature up to 98.6 – i average 97.3. I have gained 8 pounds in one year, and have lost 1 inch in band size and some in my belt line as well

- Chris

Dear Avalon,

I am a 68 year old transsexual person. About two years ago I discovered Bountiful Breast on the internet and called, spoke to Jules and gave the product a try. I was very thin, extremely active in outdoor hiking and mountaineering. The result is that it has taken me from a skinny as a rail person to a well-rounded form, both in the bottom and in the breasts. I am currently a 38C and need to be a DD in order to have a full figure. My jeans have gone from a 12 to a 14/16 depending and I get some looks in them. That is never bad at my age.

You product is particularly good as I cannot use estrogens and your product is safe and does permit a change of hormonal patterns that has resulted in softer skill, nicer complexion, and a gentler personality. The latter is particular rewarding to me and my friends.

I recommend your product BountifulBreast/Transfemme to all those who want a female profile and softer personality. Also shopping for undies and clothes is now a pleasure as I can go into a shop without stares.

Thank you so much for your support Jules,

- Renate Reeves Ellington

My name is Denise.

I am a 58 year old pre-operative (approved by a professional board) transsexual. I am on my way to transforming from genetic male to desired female. My road has been long and hard and ever since I was a child I knew I was different. Now I know that there are literally thousands perhaps a million or so like me, struggling to become what we know in our minds that we really are. I am in this outward process called “ytransformation” to match my inward true self.

I started by trying some generic breast supplements “vitamins” like the ones sold on a popular online auction site; none of them worked. I began taking doctor prescribed hormones years ago under the direction of a licensed gynecologist. The hormone therapy started with Premarin and was monitored (especially because of my age) by my doctor. Unfortunately I could not stay on them very long as blood problems developed (my blood was like jelly.) I then switched to estradial, this also caused the same blood problems. My third attempt was a transdermal patch, which is very hard to keep on. I abandoned the hormone therapy in search of an alternative. The growth effect from the hormones was too slow for me anyway and the physical female appearance was almost non existent. I was very depressed.

One day I was reading my latest issue of one of the top fashion magazines and I noticed an advertisement in the back for “TRANSFEMME- male feminization guaranteed.” I have forever been skeptical of these claims but how could a leading fashion magazine allow this ad if there was not some truth behind it!

So I called and talked to Jules, who as with many others was very understanding and seemed quite knowledgeable. She was pleasant and answered all my questions, so I took a chance. I ordered the TRANSFEMME pills (which arrived quickly) and began what I now consider to be the BEST move yet to personal breast growth and enhancement. Jumping to today (2 months on and moving to the third month) I have noticed remarkable difference in the size and firmness of my breasts. I watch my diet and eat 2 high protein protein bars a day as suggested by the program. My contour is full and I fill out a 38B bra! It is simply wonderful and I believe this to be the BEST alternative to other supplements and dangerous hormones. I would recommend the Transfemme pills to all my friends and I will definitely continue to take them indefinitely.

I may someday decide to get breast implants if I need them but until then I know I am taking a safe product that works and makes me feel like a female should.

Any “sisters” reading this should seriously consider this pill. Thank you Jules and thank you TRANSFEMME for helping me on my journey.

- Denise

Hi, My name is Cindy and Bountiful Breast has asked to say a few words about their product. I wouldn’t say my story is typical, but it’s not unique either.

For a lot of years, I’ve known that changes were inevitable for me. Changes that would include breast enhancement and all that goes with it. Finally, the time became right for me to be able to step-up and get it done..

But how to go about it? Surgery, Hormones, Herbal supplements? That was the question. So I began spending a great deal of time researching, to come up with a plan that would work for me.

After spending many weeks reading both books, magazines and goggling the internet, I chanced to come upon the website for Bountiful Breasts which offered a patent pending way to initiate change, including breast development that was promising and relatively easy.

It was almost to good to be true, and you know what that usually means. But I decided to give it a try. After all, what did I have to loose. Two things attracted me to placing an order. First, the testimonials I read, and listened to, proved most enticing, and second, BB provided a difference from all the others that claim breast enhancement, but are herbal in nature and require my forsaking of things like caffeine, which is a staple in my daily diet. BB just asked me to take two pills a day along with a protein shake, which by the way I have found to be both tasty and filling

I ordered my supply immediately and waited patiently for it to arrive. When it did, I was completely satisfied with the speed it got here and the manner in which it was shipped. No problems there, that’s for sure.

I contacted my friend and confident at BB, Jules, to let her know I was about to get underway. I promised to keep her informed of my progress. She welcomed me to the family-tree and promised that she would be there for me . That made me smile a great deal.

Well I’ve been on Bountiful Breast for two weeks now, and wow, have I got news. I began at an “A” cup size. After 2-weeks on BB, I am now approaching a full “C” cup and they have become rounder and fuller. After a little over 2-weeks I’m telling you. That is absolutely incredible.

How long can it be until I reach a “D” cup size, and I must wonder is a full “Double-D” possible?

I love the new feeling of fullness that I have, and I’m sure it won’t be long until I’ll need to go shopping. Thanks Jules Thanks BB. You’re all great and you’ve got one satisfied gal here, and that’s for sure.

- Cindy

Hi girls! (TF Customer Support)

Thank you very much for your kind support! As per your guidance I have joined your program from September 21st 2010. Today almost more than three months have been completed and I am on my way to feminize. My breast size is larger B CUP which was flat earlier and my hips became softer and padded. I use to shave everyday now twice a week. Now I am wearing feminine clothes everyday and people notice me and I love it! I like to go shopping and my mind is always in good mood thanks!

- Andy

I will be going by the name of Natasha, I have always had mixed feelings about the way I feel and with what I had.

I am now trying to be honest with myself, so I have been doing a lot of research and came across The Transfemme website and I’ve read every testimonial that was available. It’s great that they offer this plus before and during photos.

So I made the big step and I made the call, “very nervous” not sure how I was going to approach this initial conversation with the other person on the other end of the line. But to my amazement I reached one of the most caring women that really showed that she was in tune to what I felt. This sweet heart of an angel is “Kristin”

I had a lot of questions and she was very patient and understanding with me and took the time to explain things to me. So I made the decision and ordered my B.B. pills; they arrived very discretely in an unmarked brown box.

I started with 2 B.B. pills in the am with a protein shake and 2 B.B. pills in the evening and a protein shake. After two weeks I couldn’t believe it! My breasts are starting to feel different and the biggest change was my Areolas almost doubled in diameter and they were very soft. The nipples showed a little enlargement.

My band size is 46″ and the fullest part of my chest is 49″.

After this little bit of changes, I contacted Kristin and ask her if it was ok to increase the amount of pills per day. She set me up with my body consultant “Erika” and she let me know that she is going to be regulating my progress and staying in touch with me. She recommended 2 B.B. pills in the am with protein shake and 5 B.B. pills in the evening with protein shake.

I have been on the B.B. pills now for 14 weeks and let me tell you there has been changes. I measure 46 ½” band and 51″ at the fullest part of my chest. For the last three weeks my chest has been the same size, but my breasts are really filling out. “I have definite cleavage now!”

My skin is starting to feel softer and my facial hair is taking three days before it needs to be shaved. I also feel a lot more relaxed and calm.

I have talk to some wonderful people, Like Kaycee and she has been a big help.

I have been doing a lot of research in this area and I’m willing to offer any info that I can be assistance to if any of you T-Girls needs some answers that I hope I can answer. Understand I am happily married and I am not offer anything but hopefully good T-Girl advice!

Well that’s all I have for now and will be updating soon. Thanks for your support!

- Natasha


I took the pills as it was described in the paper that was sent with my pills. Twice a day at one and four, drinking water and a protein shake with the pill at four. I started noticing a change at about two weeks. My areola got bigger and softer as my breast started to change shape. I stopped having man boobs and now I have breasts.My breast size started to increase at about a month and by three months I had added two full inches to my breast while losing about fifteen pounds. I also noticed how my body hair wasn’t growing in as quickly or as thick. By the third month the lady who does my waxing for me noticed too. I am so happy with my results. I stopped after 4 1/2 months since I still want to function as a male but will be ordering again soon. I wish I had before pictures to send you but I doubted your product so I didn’t take any. Silly me. I am sending you a couple of during pictures. These were taken at about three months. I want to thank all of you for developing such a wonderful product.Thank you all.

- Dana

Hello, My name is Olivia Taylor. I am writing to you so that others might benefit from my experience with Transfemme / Bountiful Breast. My search for change began in 2005 with my visit to a sex therapist. The doctor was very understanding and helped me through all of my initial problems. She prescribed all the drugs, including estrogen and androgens to help feminize my body. I stayed on the drugs for two years and saw very little change to my appearance.\

Finally, I just gave up and resigned myself to the fact that, if a doctor couldn’t help me facilitate a change, then it must be an impossible task.

Just when I thought all was lost, while searching the internet I happened to come across your website for Transfemme / Bountiful Breast. I read all the testimonials and saw all the pictures of people who have had success and decided to give it a try, that was in October of 2010.

As recommended, I took eight pills a day for the following four months. Not only are all the statements true about this product but, it has been even more effective for me than is stated in the literature. I am extremely pleased and can’t wait for the next changes to my body.

My breasts have increased by a full cup, the skin on my entire body has softened and, my hair removal regime time has been cut in half. As a bonus, I began at 220 pounds and am now 203 pounds without even trying to diet!

Thank you Transfemme / Bountiful Breast and Erika, my email helper, for all of your patience and understanding.

Just remember you are not alone and there is help with Transfemme.

- Olivia

Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of results that appear to be typical with these products. Results may vary depending upon use, commitment and health status, diabetics typically do not see results.

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