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Sissy Castration: Surgical castration of the human male is a risky procedure and most doctors are not willing to perform an orchiectomy. If you are able to get castration surgery, you are required to receive counseling and prove you are psychologically fit to have an orchiectomy done. The good news for the DIY castration enthusiast, our Full Feminization Transfemme Program will help with genital shrinkage.  This is actually beneficial for those that are wanting to become a full-fledged female.

Why Non-Surgical Castration Works

While on our Full Feminization Transfemme Program wearing certain clothing can help to restrict the blood flow to your testicles causing a lack of fresh blood flow and oxygen to the testosterone-producing Leydig cells. Your Leydig cells will suffer from asphyxia and this will, in turn, cause your estradiol producing Sertoli cells to compensate by overproducing Estrogen 2, (E2).

Using our breast enlargement pills, creams, and wearing certain clothing to compress the genitals will help raise sex hormone-binding globulin, this is the blood protein that transports testosterone and DHT from the endocrine glands to target cells. Estradiol stimulates the production of SHBG and by using our Transfemme cream to your genitals you can speed your feminization process. High levels of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin in your bloodstream will bind to the testosterone keeping it in the blood, reducing the amount that goes into your cells making the testosterone impotent. As you get your testosterone and DHT under control on our Transfemme Program any male pattern baldness, receding hairline, will decrease or go away completely leaving you with thick, long, and healthy hair.  

When joining our Full Feminization Transfemme Program, you will receive full instructions on how you can tightly compress your scrotum and penis into a tight little package while the exterior of some panties is made to look like a labia and clitoris.

Non-Surgical Castration Method

Combining our breast enlargement pills and cream will help to create a natural castration method. Our breast enlargement pills, cream and scrotum methods will help to create a natural castration method, will work synergistically to create a more feminine and sexier you!

Many of our clients have told us they have successfully shrunk their penis and scrotum to small, little-wet noodles that easily hide in a bikini bottom!

Joining our Full Feminization Transfemme Program you can get the benefits of having tiny, non-functioning testicles, reducing their size and male hormone production to release female hormones instead! Our Full Feminization Transfemme Program can help you feminize without the use of drugs or surgery to reach your feminization goals!

Be the Castrated Sissy You Know You Are!


Imagine you wake up in the morning and you now have a tiny, little sissy package between your legs! It easily tucks into your new bikini bottoms and lady panties. Your micro testicles are now the source of your estrogen and your body is feminizing. Join the thousands of sissy ladies who have Transformed with Transfemme.

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To Use Surgical Castration or Not?

Now that you know the benefits of having tiny sissy testicles should you actually go through with a surgical castration? Orchiectomy surgery is something that should be left to medical professionals. We think it is best to only go through with actual surgical castration after you have the breast enlargement and gained the other female body attributes you want and only if your testicles are particularly psychologically bothersome to you. Every T-girl is different, your personal goals are personal so there is no right or wrong answer to this.. 

Benefits of Castrating Your Husband​

The benefit of castrating your husband or sissy slave is it entirely places your husband or sissy in a feminized cuck position.

The legal requirements to obtain a surgical male castration procedure are more intensive than most people are willing to go through unless they fully transition from male to female. We have successfully shrunk the penis and testicles, turning them into little walnuts and a little wet noodle.

Castrated Meaning

Castrated means the testicles were removed or rendered inoperable. Castration is accomplished using either surgery or chemicals.

What is an Orchiectomy?​

Orchiectomy is an independent surgical procedure that removes the testicles. It is viewed as beneficial because it also enables the patient to discontinue using risky and costly drugs. 

What is an Orchiectomy? Castration is another word for Orchiectomy; these are the same procedure. 

Is Castration Reversible?

No, castration is permanent.

What are the alternatives to surgical male castration?​

Transfemme® pills convert testosterone into estrogen without the need to use drugs like spironolactone or gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists. Our customers see their testicles and penis shrink using our feminization program. Transfemme® is an excellent alternative for MTF who want to remain natural and do not want the risk or expense of surgery. 

We do not recommend Castration Orchiectomy for Tgirls or Sissies for the following reasons. If you feel you want SRS surgery and castration, we recommend you do so only after you have reached your desired breast size and feminine characteristics. 

– Your testosterone is used to make your estrogen.
– There is an increased risk of health problems such as diabetes.
– You can have surgical complications such as infections and scar tissue.
– It can interfere with your ability to get full SRS later.
– The endocrine system is complex; losing part of your endocrine system is a serious decision and has lifelong medical consequences.
– You can no longer have children.
– You can never reverse your transition; once your testicles are gone, they are gone forever.

Why do men get castrated?

Men get castrated as part of cancer treatment or for sex offenders. Men may also opt for castration as part of sexual reassignment, being a sissy slave, a feminized cuckold, or fetishes.

Can I Castrate Myself? 

No, only a licensed medical doctor should perform surgical castration. Do not attempt to castrate yourself. Men who have tried self-castration procedures have died, ended up in the emergency room, gotten infections, and lost a lot of blood. Avoid getting yourself in a traumatic or life-threatening situation, do not attempt self-castration or allow another layperson to castrate you.  

Orchiectomy Surgeons

If you decide you want an orchiectomy, below is a list of surgeons you can contact. 

Facial Feminization Surgery: Hairline Correction, Forehead Recontouring, Brow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implants, Lip Lift, Chin Recontouring, Jaw Recontouring, Tracheal Shave, Orchiectomy, Vulvoplasty, Vaginoplasty – Penile Inversion with Clitoroplasty,Labiaplasty , Breast Augmentation, Buttock Augmentation, Body Feminization

Dr. Curtis Crane
Contact Info:
Phone: 512-446-9486
Address: 5656 Bee Cave Rd Suite J201, Austin, TX 78746

Dr. Crane performs Top Surgery, Metoidioplasty, Phalloplasty, Facial Feminization, Tracheal Shave, Breast Augmentation, Orchiectomy, Vaginoplasty, and Vulvoplasty.

Dr. Crane practices medicine at the Crane Center for Transgender Surgery in Austin, Texas. Additionally, Dr. Crane is a member of WPATH

Other medical doctors who perform castrations and sex reassignment surgery: 

Dr. Bowers (California)
Dr. Reed (Florida)
Dr. Oates (Massachusetts)
Dr. Nguyen (Oregon)
Dr. Leis (Pennsylvania)
Dr. McGinn (Pennsylvania)

Dr. Raphael (Texas)
The International Center for Transgender Care
6020 West Plano Parkway, Suite #100, Plano, TX 75093

Sissy Castration and SRS Quality in Thailand

Lower cost castration and SRS are available in Thailand; this does not mean it is low-quality. In addition, Thailand has twenty years of experience in MTF sex reassignment and feminization surgeries.

Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, M.D.
Address: 432/6-7 Siam Square Soi 9 Rama1 Rd., Pathumwan Bangkok,Thailand 10330
Fax: +662-658-4447

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