Transgender Breast Augmentation – MTF Breast Augmentation


Transgender Breast augmentation

Transgender breast augmentation is an important part of becoming a woman for Transgender women. Often the results from using testosterone suppressing drugs such as Spironolactone or other anti-androgen drugs and artificial estrogen provide disappointing results, creating only tiny, drooping breasts and areola that are small and masculine looking. These drugs block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, the most virilizing form of testosterone, so testosterone is not eliminated nor converted into estrogen. We believe this is why anti-androgens produce disappointing results as part of a transgender breast augmentation and feminization program. Testosterone is the upstream product of estrogen so why get rid of testosterone, this is the common mistake being made, instead our Full Feminization Transfemme Program will get your body to convert your testosterone into estrogen.

Transgender Breast Augmentation the Safe Way With our Full Feminization Program

Our male to female and Transgender women customers often have tried traditional transitioning using standard medicine before they came to us. Disillusioned when their breasts do not grow or round out and facing a decision to go with surgical transgender breast augmentation because their bodies failed to become curvy as promised, many searches for natural methods and finally they have found Transfemme! Whether you are a T-girl, male to female, Transgender women, a cross-dresser, or somewhere in between, we provide you with ongoing live support on your journey!

How does Transgender Breast Development Happen?

Altering your male hormone profile to resemble that of a female does have risks, which you should be aware of before embarking on any level of gender reassignment. Transgender breast germination does take time and perseverance as does the entire feminization process. If you feel sure you are ready to become a female or a she-male the transgender breast development process will be very exciting for you. We can assist you by forcing your body to convert testosterone to estrogen using DNA RNA nucleoproteins. These genetic materials can reprogram how your body processes hormones, causing an eventual permanent female hormone profile as long as you have your own testicles. Transgender breast augmentation is only one aspect of your forced feminization that our customers typically experience. Typical results are overall female body fat distribution, enlarged areola, shrinking penis, and testicles, decreased male pattern baldness, decreased facial hair, softer skin, decreased body hair, rounder hips, fuller buttocks, and more expressive female type emotions. Transgender breast growth methods have been studied and Transfemme® is the result of that study, we have found Transfemme® is the most effective transgender breast development method to date.

MTF Breast Augmentation

MTF breast augmentation can be an important part of becoming more feminine but the surgical method commonly called Top Surgery which is a surgical procedure involving inserting breast implants in the patient’s body requires replacement every ten years. This is very expensive and traumatizing to the body, going under anesthesia is dangerous and can result in death and the older you are the more dangerous it becomes. Breast implants often rupture, harden from scar tissue, sometimes become infected and are quite simply never the real thing. Our customer repeatedly tell us they want to be as natural as possible like women who were born in a female body.  We can say we are proud we have been able to help our customers accomplish this and avoid MTF breast augmentation surgery!

Transgender Breast Development How Effective is it?

Some of our male to female transgender breast growth customers experience rivaling or exceeding many natural born women! Look at the photos and judge for yourself. Do you feel this is a revolutionary method of transgender breast augmentation?

This is a very exciting development for the transgender community and we hope more customers will continue to share their photos and transgender breast growth videos with us. Below is a set of before, during and after SRS surgery one of our customers achieved without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or hormone replacement.

By enlisting your testicles to be your own estrogen production facility, thereby turning your unwanted testosterone into natural estrogen like a woman you can start gaining transgender breast development and the benefits of a true and natural female hormone balance. Most transgender males are aware of the hurdles they face but the emotional benefits outweigh the risks.

Transfemme® has successfully helped thousands of transgender ladies attain a natural, female appearing figure at a much lower cost than typical drug and surgical interventions.

You owe it to yourself to try Transfemme® before committing to disappointing allopathic methods of sex reassignment with drugs and surgical procedures.


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