Bovine Ovary Before and After Pictures Male

Bovine ovary before and after pictures male

Bovine Ovary Breast Enhancement

Bovine Ovary Male Breast Enhancement Works Through Epigenetic Changes


Male breast enhancement using Transfemme® glandular therapy is a proven, targeted system. Using medical radioactive tracers bovine ovary and our other glandulars can be seen targeting your own endocrine system. The proprietary laser encoding equipment we use to create our exclusive, bovine ovary enhancement pills was designed and invented by our physicist. These highly sought out machines are no longer manufactured and very few of them were ever created; we own three of them.

Avalon Essentials created the system of using bovine ovary for male breast enlargement in combination with other glandular using a proprietary processing system with laser encoding in 1996. If you are transitioning or are simply wanting partial feminine characteristics, you should only gather your information from this website and our customer support team. Do not rely on information that is paraphrased and misunderstood by lay marketing people. We have been helping men grow breasts and male to female transitions for over two decades.

There are many websites proclaiming to offer information about using bovine ovary breast enhancement and bovine ovary for female breast enlargement, all of them are selling ebooks or trying to get commissions as affiliates promoting bovine ovary for male breast growth. These are methods used by affiliates to make money. without ever actually having to do anything, they have no responsibility to manufacture, store, ship, or provide customer service and they don’t need to know anything either, all they have to do is paraphrase our website. In fact, various breast enhancement websites took our original ideas and gained all of their knowledge from our websites. Some of the information on our website is not available anywhere else and the knowledge is our knowledge from our discoveries and research. Due to the nature of human beings and their propensity to be imitators rather than innovators, we have always purposefully withheld pertinent information from the public!

All information on the alleged authority websites regarding using bovine ovary breast enhancement was information taken from our company’s websites. None of the people writing these websites promoting generic bovine ovary on male breast enlargement, selling e-books or trying to market generic bovine ovary have any idea what they are talking about. Details posted about our breast products and why they work are unknown to sources you read on the internet and should not be relied upon. Anticipating plagiarism and eventual copy cats we decided to withhold our proprietary secrets when we first started our business in 1996.

Bovine Ovary Male Testimonials


Thousands of men have enjoyed feminine male breasts by using Transfemme’s product.
Read the Bovine Ovary male Testimonials and watch Bovine ovary male Testimonials video to know how our product works.

Genuine Transfemme® Bovine Ovary™

Due to the proliferation of imitation bovine ovary pills being used for breast growth for men, we will never provide any of the technical specifications about Transfemme®. Our proprietary methods and equipment are our trade secrets so our products cannot be duplicated. What we are doing, exactly why or how our pills work are our trade secrets.

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Bovine Ovary MTF transition pills invented by Avalon Essentials

Breast enlargement pills and male breast enlargement pills were created by us, they did not exist until we developed them, now there are literally a hundred different pills for sale at any given time that constantly go in and out of business. These companies have one focus, making sales, they are marketing companies, not actual dietary supplement companies. Their job is not to help customers, that is why they do not have a telephone any real knowledge or comprehension of what they are writing about.

Bovine ovary pills for male breast growth

We are constantly inundated with phone calls and emails from males seeking feminization or ( forced feminization ) using bovine ovary from another source. These customers purchased a generic bovine ovary or raw ovarian product and now they want our help to make it work for them. We do not offer support for people who are not our customers and do not have our products. We closely monitor all of our customers and stay in contact with them. Be aware there are risks to male fertility and sexual function. The fact is generic bovine ovary will produce some results but it will not produce the kind of spectacular results our customers get, even people promoting cheap, generic bovine ovary for a commission admit they got their results from using our products!

Transfemme® innovators not imitators™

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