Breast Enlargement Cream For Men

Transfemme® Male Breast Enlargement Cream “Want to Know about Breast Enlargement Cream for men? Here is the Best Cream to increase Breast Size for Men!” Hello Transfemme Customer Success Team! My name is Alexander, I am interested in the best male breast enlargement cream you can recommend to me? Three years ago I ordered your pills, first a three month supply and then a one year supply. I started taking two (2) pills in the morning and two (2) at night but after a month or so I changed it to four (4) in the morning on an empty stomach and four (4) in the evening. After about four months I noticed growth in my chest area and it was when I was getting towards seven months that I noticed my testicles had shrunk to pea size, there was not much left of them and it was impossible for me to get an erection. My manhood was a mere inch size if that! I panicked so much that I stopped taking the capsules and my breasts have grown to a round and firm B cup size. I am very happy with my round, sexy breasts! Because I am at work I cannot send you photos of my breasts but I can do that next time. At present, my testicles have grown back to a normal size but my amount of sperm production is very low still. (I had a vasectomy years ago, so it does not matter so much.)

“Which Estrogen Cream Should I use?” Anyway, I want to know about your breast enlargement cream for men and what it can do? I got married again and my wife loves to play with my small breasts. Will the estrogen although it has to be applied to my breasts only have an effect on my manhood? I still want big breasts and was wondering if you can advise me what breast cream for men I should use? Four years ago I was ready for a complete male to female transformation, I even started living as a female but now that I found a beautiful (female) partner, all I want is bigger breasts. I am not so sure about all the herbal pills as I believe that female hormone will do the trick far better. Thanks heaps, “Alexander” Read: Forced Feminization

Customer Success Team Reply: Dear Alexander, The Transfemme Cream (male breast enlargement cream containing estrogen) and BOUNTIFUL BREAST®CREAMS are the safest ways to go, we do not know exactly how big your breasts will get using the male breast cream; neither cream will shrink your penis or testicles. Applying the male breast cream directly to your breasts where you need it is safer for you than dosing your whole body with estrogen through your stomach. reating permanent changes we cannot control. The breasts you gained from using our male breast enlargement pills is permanent. The male breast cream gains are also permanent and each cream works via a different mechanism, Transfemme® breast cream adds estrogen for a boost and Bountiful Breast®Cream enlarges any area it is applied to. You may also use our BB cream on your hips and thighs if you want them to be more feminine also. Check: Bovine Ovary For Male Breast Enlargement We look forward to your descriptive feedback during and after! Thank you for sharing your story, we always love to hear from our customers. Your story also illustrates well why we counsel our customers not to rush into surgery. Best Male Breast Cream Click here to Buy Now Want to Buy the Best Breast Enlargement Cream for men?

Regarding the use of the Transfemme Cream: I have been on your program since Aug 18th, taking eight pills per day with daily use of the cream. I am going to order another two month supply. I need to know if there are any concerns about continuing the daily use of the cream? BTW, after two months I have very pleasing results! Thank you for your products! Tammy Answer: Dear Tammy, Unfortunately, we do not have a real answer to your question pertaining to using the cream. Any tampering you do to your own hormones you do at your own risk. We cannot give you medical advice. You are a man seeking to changing your body into a female. We are not transgender doctors and we are not your doctor. You have questions about your health risks from changing your hormones. We recommend you should see a medical doctor who practices transgender medicine. We apologize that we can not help you. It is illegal for us to give medical advice and even a doctor would not give medical advice to someone who is not his or her patient. Everyone is different and I doubt there is a one size fits all answer. Transfemme® Customer Success Team! Dedicated to making your feminization a success!