The world of BDSM is truly a world of pure imagination. People discover how colorful their sexual fantasies are and just what the magic of experiencing them is like.

More than that, BDSM can sometimes be a tool for people to get to know themselves better in the gender or sexual orientation sense. Again, this is a benefit that the kink forced feminization can offer. Learn more about it here.

What is Forced Feminization?

In BDSM, forced feminization happens when a dominant partner, whether male or female, makes their male submissive play a feminine role. It is also known as “sissification,” It sometimes involves “sissy training,” where the male submissive is trained to act female during play.
Forced feminization is a more fetish-based level of cross-dressing. This means that males who consent to forced feminization during BDSM play do not necessarily identify as transgender outside the BDSM act or the bedroom. Still, they do so to explore a sexual fetish with their partner.

Mental health considerations with transgender and gender

There are several reasons why a male-identified person would want to try forced feminization. First, as a fetish, something is exciting about performing as a submissive female and surrendering to your dominant partner – it can be a way of releasing control. Plus, sexual fantasies are usually challenging to explain; forced feminization can feel liberating when done with a trusted partner!
In terms of mental health, forced feminization can become a way for a male-identified person to have an outlet for femininity, without the shame or guilt that usually occurs when men act like women. They can be vulnerable and gentle, which is especially important for males who feel they are expected to be strong and masculine all the time.
Male-identified people can later discover that they are transgender because of this kink. It’s an intimate and healthy way to find one’s true gender identity. However, not all men who enjoy forced femme are transgender; for some men, it simply is a kink they like to do with their partner. Nevertheless, all are healthy, enjoyable ways to explore one’s sexuality.

The Feminization of Psychotherapy

The term “feminization of psychotherapy” refers to the increasing number of women who have chosen psychotherapy as their profession. This is welcome news for couples who enjoy forced feminization as a kink.

Lucky for them, there are plenty of female sex therapists they can turn to talk openly about forced feminization or BDSM. Forced feminization typically becomes a concern only when the male-identified submissive partner experiences confusion with gender identity. With a female sex therapist, male-identified submissive partners can feel safe when bringing up any issues they encounter as they explore their feminine side.

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